ICA Cooperative Research Conference and the 3rd International Forum on Cooperative Law (Nov 28-30, 2021, Seoul, Republic of Korea and online)

"Deepening Our Cooperative Identity"

In the frame on the 33rd World Cooperative Congress, held on December 1-3, in Seoul, Republic of Korea and also online, the ICA Cooperative Research Conference and the 3rd International Forum on Cooperative Law were organized on November 28-30 to feed debates on the Cooperative Identity in building content for discussions based on scientific and analytical contributions. 

The two research events included 62 sessions. A total of 233 presentations were made by 335 authors and panellists from 47 countries.

The ICA Cooperative Research Conference explored the four Congress themes: Examining our cooperative identity; Strengthening our cooperative identity; Committing to our cooperative identity and Living Our Identity for the Best of SDGs. Sessions (session titles in black) were organized in ling with main themes and sub-themes (themes in purple).

The 3rd International Forum on Cooperative Law was organized under the main theme of "The Identity of Cooperatives and the Harmonization of Cooperative Laws. Match or Mismatch?".

Recorded sessions and abstract books of two reseach events are available on the linked pages below.

ICA Cooperative Research Conference

1. Examining Our Cooperative Identity

  • Manifestation of cooperative identity
  • [Panel session] Operationalizing Cooperative Identity
  • Cooperative identity and challenges
  • Cooperative values
  • Diverse philosophical foundations
  • Cooperative advantage - how and for what
  • [Panel session] Statistics on the social and solidarity economy (SSE): cooperative and SSE identity

1.1 Through a Strong Cooperative Brand

  • Cooperative Branding

1.2. Through Inclusive Governance

  • Cooperative governance
  • Members' participation
  • Gender equality
  • [Panel session] Aportes de la investigación para el abordaje de una perspectiva de género en las organizaciones cooperativas y de la Economía Social y Solidaria

1.3. Through Educational Opportunities

  • Education
  • School cooperative
  • [Panel session] Aprendizajes para la cooperación : acerca de experiencias educativas e identidad cooperativa.
  • [Panel session] The institutionalization of cooperative education beyond cooperatives: the case of the creation of Cresol Instituto in Brazil
  • [Panel session] Collaborate, inspire & engage: Cooperative Identity and principles to unlock youth entrepreneurship

1.4. Through Cooperative Culture and Safeguarding Cultural Heritage

  • History of cooperative movements
  • [Panel session] La recepción de la identidad cooperativa en Cuba. Antecendetes, realidad y perspectivas
  • [Panel session] The Trajectory and Identity of the Co-operative Movement in Korea : its Challenge and Task
  • [Panel session] El rol de los archivos históricos en la evolución, la conservación y la promoción de la identidad cooperativa
  • Development of cooperative models and cooperative sector

1.5 - Through Partnerships with Governments

  • [Panel session] Co-operative Identity and State Involvement: Seen from the Asian Pacific Cooperative Potential
  • [Panel session] Experiencias en Coproducción de políticas públicas e identidad cooperativa en el siglo 21
  • Public policy 

2. Strengthening Our Cooperative Identity

2.1 - By Taking Advantage of the Digital Age

  • Digital and technology

2.4. - By Meeting Future Capital Needs

  • Capital and surplus distribution
  • [Panel session] Construction Cooperatives in Cuba and their development from the economic and financial perspective  

2.5. - By Supporting Entrepreneurial Innovation

  • Cooperative business model
  • Cooperative identity as a business advantage

3. Committing to Our Cooperative Identity

3.1. For the Survival of the Planet

  • Climate action

3.2. For Peace and Equality

  • Peace

3.4. For Strengthening the Community

  • Community and territory

3.5. For Facing Crises with Strength

  • Cooperatives and (post-) COVID-19 pandemic

4. Living Our Identity for the Best of SDGs

  • SDGs
  • [Panel session] Present but not Visible: Amplifying the Cooperative Identity in SDGs
  • [Panel session] Unpacking the Contributions of Cooperatives to the Attainment of the SDGs in Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • [Panel session] Accounting for purpose: aligning the economic and social-environmental goals of co-operatives
  • [Panel session] ESGs & SDGs Meet Their Port Alegre Moment
  • [Panel session] ESG Needs an EKG

4.1. With Rewarding Jobs

  • Work, worker cooperative
  • [Panel session] The Co-opConvert Project: Mapping the Potential of Converting Workplaces and Community Spaces to Cooperatives in Canada and Internationally

4.2. With Accessible Health and Social Services

4.3. With Enhanced Food Security

  • Agricultural cooperative

The 3rd International Forum on Cooperative Law

Harmonization of cooperative law

Cooperative law and cooperative identity

Cooperative law and cooperative principles

New technologies and cooperative law

Cooperative law from a national, regional, international and comparative perspective

Recent developments on cooperative law

Joint-conclusion session of research events