CCR members

The Committee for Cooperative Research plans and organises research activities at the global and regional level and develops strategies for the promotion and dissemination of cooperative research around the world. 


Dr. Cynthia Giagnocavo 
University of Almería, Spain



Dr. Isaac K. Nyamongo (Africa)
The Co-operative University of Kenya, Kenya

Dr. Claudia Sanchez Bajo (South America)
University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dr. Jessica Gordon Nembhard (North America) 
City University of New York, USA

Dr. Marcelo Vieta (North America) 
University of Toronto, Canada

Dr. Yashavantha Dongre (Asia-Pacific) 
Chanakya University, India

Dr. Sidsel Grimstad (Asia-Pacific) 
The Griffith University, Australia

Dr. Ahyoung Kim (Asia-Pacific) 
iCOOP Institute, South Korea

Dr. Jos Bijman (Europe)
Wageningen University, the Netherlands

Dr. Markus Hanisch (Europe) 
Humboldt University, Germany

Dr. Maryline Filippi (Europe)
Bordeaux Sciences Agro, France

Camilla Carabini (Young and Emering Scholar representative)
University of Milano - Bicocca


Ex-Officio members

Dr. Lou Hammond Ketilson
Centre for Study of Co-operatives, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Dr. Roger Spear 
Open University, United Kingdom

Dr. Sonja Novkovic
Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary's University, Canada

Akira Kurimoto
Japan Cooperative Alliance, Japan