Young and Emerging Scholars Network

Welcome to the Young & Emerging Scholars Network on Cooperative Studies (ICA CCR-YES Network)

Hi! We are a group of emerging scholars passionate about cooperative studies and nurturing talent within our community.

In 2014, we created this network hosted by the Committee on Cooperative Research (CCR) of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) aimed at bringing young and emerging cooperative researchers together to discuss areas of common interest.

Joining is Easy: 

To become a member of the ICA CCR Young & Emerging Scholar (CCR-YES) Network you must be an early researcher (Master's, PhD, Postdoc) with an interest in cooperative studies or you must be employed at a research organization engaged in cooperative studies (up to a maximum of 7 years). To join, simply submit a short form. Rest assured, the information you provide will be shared ONLY with other fellow members of the YES and will be kept confidential among us.

When you become a part of our network, you open doors to:

Connect with Like-Minded Scholars: Build connections and collaborations with fellow young scholars who share your interest in cooperatives.
Engage in Peer Discussions: Share ideas, insights, and experiences in the cooperative field through meaningful discussions with your peers.
Shape Network Activities: Actively propose and participate in various initiatives like podcasts, seminars, cooperative visits, and more.
Contribute: Play a role in organizing the Emerging Scholars Program (YSP) at ICA-CCR Conferences (the central annual gathering for the Network), gaining valuable event planning and coordination experience.
Participate in Decision-Making: Engage in discussions and voting on crucial network matters, influencing its direction and priorities.
Spotlight on Young Scholars: Every month on our (closed) Telegram Channel, we showcase one young scholar at a time. Get featured with a specially designed profile card and a brief overview of your research.

Join us today and be a part of the future of cooperative studies!

Stay Informed: 

If you don't want to join the Network but you are still interested in learning about job opportunities, publications, research updates, summer schools, seminars, and cooperative initiatives, stay connected through our:

The Young and Emerging Scholars Representative (YESR): 

Every four years a representative is appointed to represent the Network within the CCR Board Meeting. Camilla Carabini, PhD student in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Milano-Bicocca, is the current YESR.

If you want to publish relevant content for young cooperative scholars (job opportunities, publications, research updates, summer schools, seminars, and cooperative initiatives) get in touch and write to:

The Young & Emerging Scholars Workshops: 

Since 2014, a cornerstone activity of the Network has been organizing the Young Scholars Programme at both CCR global and regional conferences. This initiative has consistently provided valuable opportunities for skill development, networking, and knowledge exchange among emerging scholars. The success of these events has played a pivotal role in nurturing strong connections among peers, making them the central annual gathering for the Network.

To delve deeper into the past editions of the YSP, you can explore the links below:

2023: ICA CCR Global and European Research Conference, Leuven, Belgium

2022: ICA CCR European Research Conference, Athens, Greece

2021: ICA Cooperative Research Conference, Seoul, Korea

2019: ICA CCR Asia Pacific, Newcastle, Australia

2019: ICA CCR Africa, Kigali, Rwanda

2019: ICA CCR Europe, Berlin, Germany

2019: ICA CCR Global, Montreal, Canada

2018: ICA CCR Americas, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2018: ICA CCR Europe, Wageningen, The Netherlands

2017: ICA CCR Global and Europe, Stirling, Scotland, UK

2016: ICA CCR Europe, Almeria, Spain

2015: ICA CCR Global, Antalya, Turkey

2014: ICA CCR Global, Pula, Croatia

Participation has been usually supported with stipends, fee reductions, and/or fee waivers to support travel and accommodation of YSP participants to CCR conferences and events. In some occasions, the YSP also included a best paper award, remunerated on a scale with stipends.