Young scholar network

In 2014, the CCR inaugurated its Young & Emerging Scholars Programme (YSP). The objective of this Programme is to encourage and foster the (professional) development of young and emerging scholars of co-operative studies ranging across regions, economic industries / sectors, and academic disciplines. This Young & Emerging Scholars Programme is situated within the CCR global conferences, and the CCR-endorsed regional conferences. Its programming remains flexible, though fundamental aspects and components are required. These include:

  • A pre-conference mentorship-style event for YSP participants in which YSP participants partake in conversations, exchanges, and workshops with seasoned co-operative researchers. These exchanges focus on myriad aspects of co-operative research from methodology, important emerging research topics, practitioner engagement and involvement, anchoring research in the actionable for co-operative enterprise, writing and publishing guidance, to mentorship connections, networking, and more.
  • Stipends, fee reductions, and/or fee waivers to support travel and accommodation of YSP participants to CCR conferences and events
  • Best paper awards, remunerated on a scale with stipends
  • Refinement, editing, and ultimate publication of best papers in the CCR Review of International Co-operation and/or other publications (whether linked to the conference and its proceedings or not)
  • Access to the wider CCR network and to its discrete LinkedIn page:
  • Access the Emerging Co-op Researchers site :