ICA-CCR Young Scholars Workshop, Berlin, 20-21 August 2019

01 Sep 2019

Photo by Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on Unsplash


Within the framework of the ICA-CCR European Research Conference 2019, A new YSP was held by Humboldt University in August. It was jointly organised by the ICA-CCR Young Scholars Program and the Young Scholars Initiative Working Group on Cooperatives and Cooperation.

The YSP started with an informal gathering and social networking on the 20th August. On the morning of 21st August, more than 20 young scholars (Msc students, PhD candidates, Postdocs) and 3 speakers discussed the role of co-operative research in the transformation of business and society, with the moderation of Prof. Mark Hanisch.

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Hess (Christian Albrechts Universität, Kiel) discussed what kind of career opportunities do young cooperative researchers have. He was followed by Nora Haunert (Political Affairs, DRV) that discussed what kind of advocacy does the cooperative sector need today and what career opportunities exist in it. Finally, Klaudia Marcus, (Head of the Asia Group, DGRV) talk about What profiles does the DGRV currently request for staffing international projects and headquarters? What kind of skills and knowledge are necessary/beneficial for a career in the co-operative sector?

The activity was characterised by short presentations by the speakers and discussions among participants. It was an enlightening morning that we hope could help young researchers in identifying different employment options either in academia, public or private sector.

Paola Rafaelli
CCR YSP representative