ICA-CCR Young Scholars Workshop, Buenos Aires, 2-3 August 2018

01 Sep 2018

Photo by Nestor Barbitta on Unsplash


As part of the CCR-ICA Latin American Conference 2018 and the Latin American network of researchers in cooperatives the first Young Scholar Program in Latin America took place. More than 20 young scholars participated in the meeting. The conclusions of this meeting revolved around the institutionalisation of Young Scholar Program within the institutional framework of Latin American ICA Research Conferences, similar to what occurs in Europe and Internationally, in order to allow early career researchers to discuss issues specific of our career stage. Moreover, the need of access to competitive funding sources was agreed among participants, in order to attend conferences and meetings. Finally, the articulation between researchers and practitioners was considered instrumental. In this vein, establishing links and direct contact with practitioners would make researchers know their problems and be taken into account in researches.


As a result of this meeting, a letter was presented to ICA CCR America, to be presented in the meeting board at the V Cooperative Summit of the Americas.

Paola Rafaelli
CCR YSP representative