General information - the ICA Cooperative Research Conference and the 3rd International Forum on Cooperative Law

06 Sep 2021

General information - the ICA Cooperative Research Conference and the 3rd International Forum on Cooperative Law


How will the ICA Cooperative Research Conference and the 3rd International Forum on Cooperative Law be organized?


The ICA 33rd World Cooperative Congress and two preparatory research-based events

  • Within the framework of the 33rd World Cooperative Congress which will be held in a hybrid format from 1 to 3 December 2021, in Seoul, Republic of Korea, two preparatory research-based events – the ICA Cooperative Research Conference (Research Conference) and the 3rd International Forum on Cooperative Law (Law Forum) will be organized in a hybrid format from 28 to 30 November 2021, with the aim to stimulate discussions during the Congress.
  • The Research Conference and the Law Forum will be organized physically in the Grand Walkerhill Hotel as well as virtually through the Congress online platform. Both research-based events will present about 180 research papers from 43 countries and organize 18 special panel sessions, all dedicated to the issue of the Cooperative Identity.


Hybrid format

  • Presenters will present their work either in person at the venue or online. Audience will also attend sessions either in person or online.
  • There will be two types of sessions: hybrid sessions (combined onsite and online) and fully online sessions.
  • It will be possible to organize some online sessions outside the Korean time zone.



Presenters and audience can join the Research Conference and the Law Forum by registering at the Congress registration page.

  • A Full-Registration for the Congress shall give you complete access to all events including the Research Conference and the Law Forum. To register for the Congress, please visit the registration page HERE and consult the Congress website.
  • A Research-event-only Registration is applicable for those who wish to participate solely in two research-based events. To register only for these events, please read carefully the CCR webpage HERE. After receiving a unique code from the Research Conference secretariat, you will be guided to register at the Congress registration page with the provided code.


All presenters should register.

  • For co-authors who want to present online, at least one author should register. Upon request, other author(s) can join their session only, without registration.
  • All panelists in panel sessions should register to join their sessions. If a panelist is a group of several co-authors, the same rule above will be applied.





Main conference programme

  • Research Conference will be held two and a half days on 28-29th November and morning on 30th November. The detailed programme will be available soon.
  • Law Forum will be held one and a half days on 29-30th of November.
  • A joint final session of two research-based events will be held at 4 - 6P M Korean time on 30th November. During the final joint session, discussions at the research conference and international law forum will be reported to participants at the Congress in order to feed the Congress discussions.


Young Scholars’ Programme

  • Young Scholars’ Programme (YSP) will be organized at 16:00-18:00 on 28th November. YSP will be organized both face to face and online. Young and emerging scholars whose papers have been accepted will be invited to join the presential event, but scholars who want to participate online are welcome. In the workshop, topics such as research supporting the cooperative sector, difficulties in achieving academic goals, and practical tips for finishing work on time will be discussed.
  • To participate in the YSP, please register HERE. You will find more information how to apply for a scholarship embedded in the registration form.


Papers and publications (only for the Research Conference)

  • The extended abstract will be the final product request to authors at the Research Conference. The extended abstracts will be uploaded and available on the Congress online platform to be shared with all Congress participants.
  • Some authors will be invited to publish their work in the Special edition of the ICA Review of International Cooperation.


Practical information

  • All practical and logistical information concerning accommodation, visa, travel restrictions and travel in general are available on the Congress website HERE.
  • A welcome dinner is provided by the ICA on 28th November. There will be no dinner provided on 29th and 30th November except for those who register for the entire Congress. 
  • Presenters will present their work in one of four languages (EN, FR, ES, KO). Interpretation for different languages will be provided in select sessions.


Important deadlines

  • Registration for participation in person - by 11th November
  • Registration for virtual participation - by 25th November


More information


Scientific Committee for the ICA Cooperative Research Conference

A scientific committee will supervise the process of communication selection and elaboration of papers. The committee has two co-Chairs and is composed of researchers proposed by

  • The ICA Committee on Cooperative Research
  • The Korea Society of Cooperative Studies



  • Sonja Novkovic, ICCM, Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary's University, Canada
  • Jung-Joo Kim, KON-KUK University, Republic of Korea



  • Issac K. Nyamongo, The Co-operative University of Kenya, Kenya
  • Mirta Vuotto, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Claudia Sanchez Bajo, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Davi Moura Costa, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Jessica Gordon Nembhard, City University of New York, USA
  • Marcelo Vieta, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Akira Kurimoto, Hosei University, Japan
  • Morris Altman, University of Dundee School of Business, UK
  • T. Paranjothi, Agricultural Cooperative Training Institute, India
  • Yashavantha Dongre, University of Mysore, India
  • Cynthia Giagnocavo, University of Almería, Spain
  • Constantine Iliopoulos, Agricultural Economics Research Institute, Greece
  • Paola Raffaelli, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
  • Claude-André Guillotte, University of Sherbrooke, Canada
  • Maryline Filippi, University of Bordeaux, France
  • Lou Hammond Ketilson, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Roger Spear, Open University, UK
  • Seungkwon Jang, Sungkonghoe University, Republic of Korea
  • Chung-Ok Koo, Seoul Women’s University, Republic of Korea
  • Hyungmi Kim, Sangji University, Republic of Korea
  • Jaeil Song, Myongji University, Republic of Korea
  • Sang-Youn Lee, Sungkonghoe University, Republic of Korea
  • Seongjae Park, GSnJ Institute, Republic of Korea


Scientific committee for the 3rd International Forum on Cooperative Law


Chair: David Hiez (Luxembourg)


  • Ann Apps (Australia)
  • Dante Cracogna (Argentina)
  • Gemma Fajardo (Spain)
  • Akira Kurimoto (Japan)
  • Deolinda Meira (Portugal)
  • Hans-H. Münkner (Germany)
  • Bhagwati Prasad (India)
  • Willy Tadjudje (Africa)
  • Ger van der Sangen (Netherlands)
  • Oksana Vladimirova (Russian Federation)
  • Kwang-Dong Park (Republic of Korea)
  • Donghun Lee (Republic of Korea)
  • Hyung-Taek Lim (Republic of Korea).