Young Scholars Workshop on Cooperatives and Cooperation

29 Jan 2018

The ICA CCR Young Scholars Program, the Young Scholars Initiative Working Group on Co-operatives and Co-operation, and Wageningen University & Research are jointly convening a workshop on Co-operatives and Co-operation.

The objective of the workshop is to give young scholars from different disciplines the opportunity to develop further knowledge and skills on current issues related to Co-operatives and Co-operation as well as to give space for networking and exchange.

The workshop will require preparation (in advance reading and writing) as well as active engagement with the work of others during the workshop. In order to make this as productive as possible we are looking for young scholars, in particular PhD students, whose own research touches upon topics related to co-operatives and economic co-operation, such as the sustainability of the co-operative model, co-operative governance, innovations in co-operation and enterprise, producer organisations, co-operatives and big data, etc.

The event will start on Tuesday evening, 2nd July. 3rd July will be dedicated to a full-day workshop, after which Young Scholars are invited to participate in the ICA Research Conference, taking place from 4 - 6 July in Wageningen, Netherlands (

Keep looking for updates, as we will be publishing registration procedures, projected costs, and information on reimbursements for travel and accommodation by March.

If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact: