Research conference of Korean Society of Cooperative Studies, Autumn 2018

09 Nov 2018

Korean Society for Cooperative Studies organized its research conference in Nong-hyup University (Goyang city, Gyunggi Province) on 9 November with around 80 participants. Considering the important political circumstances around the Korean peninsula such as the cooperation between South and North Koreas and the peace-building process, Professor Chul-nam KWON, Department of Economic Management, Yanbian University, China was invited to deliver a key-note speech on “Experience of agricultural reform in China and its lessons for North Korea”.

After the key-note speech, seven academic papers and case studies were presented with panel discussions. The presented papers are as follows: “Cooperative for ensuring independence of small businesses – theoretical and conceptual approach”(Hyung-soo CHEON, Daegu University), “Job creation of local agricultural cooperatives and its lessons – Based on Yeoung-weol agricultural cooperative experience” (Jin-yong KIM, National Agricultural Cooperative Federation), “Analysis of development of cooperative farm in Yanbian region, China” (Geuk-bin SONG and Kyung-hoon LEE, Yanbian University), “The fourth Industrial Revolution and the era of Cooperative 4.0 – Emergence of Platform cooperative” (Jong-ick JANG, Hanshin University), “Microfinance, social capital and cooperative” (Jin-bae CHOI, Kyungsung University), “Analysis of business model of entrepreneurs’ cooperative and its implementation” (Yena LEE and Sanghoon LEE, Seongkongheo University), “Study of organizational life history – Focus on agricultural cooperative” (Young-sook KANG, Kunsan University). Among others, two papers received particular attention: A paper on the impact of cooperatives on local job creation and the other on entrepreneurs’ cooperatives which have developed after the enactment of the Framework act on cooperatives 2012      

Korean Society for Cooperative Studies was established in 1982 and have organized research conferences twice a year. It has its own academic journal which has been published three times per year and is certified by Korea Research Foundation as KCI journal. The conference of Autumn 2018 was supported by ICA Korean members, such as National Agricultural Cooperative Federation, Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperatives, Korean National Federation of Fisheries’ Cooperatives, iCOOP consumer cooperative, Hansalim consumer cooperative as well as Central union of SMEs as a new institutional member of the association. It should be also noted that Yenbian University in Korean Autonomous province, China joined for the key-note speech and paper presentation.  

At the General assembly of the association held just after the conference, Chung-ok KOO (Seoul Women’s University) was elected as new chair of the association.

Hyungmi KIM
iCOOP Co-operative institute