ICA CCR Latin America Research Conference from 5 to 7 November 2020 – a Great Success in the middle of the pandemic!

15 Nov 2020

ICA CCR Latin America Research Biannual 11th Conference 2020 took place virtually with more than 500 participants online. This was the XI International Congress of Researchers on Cooperativism, called in Spanish Red Latinoamericana de Investigadores en Cooperativismo. As decided in 2018, it went successfully ahead in Colombia with the support of CONFECOOP Antioquia, the National Cooperative Confederation of Colombia “Confederación de Cooperativas de Colombia” and the University Universidad Católica Luis Amigó.  

XI Latin American research conference had 2 ICA leaders actively participating: Carlos Acero, a board member of Cooperatives of the Americas with a speech, and Maria Eugenia Pérez Zea, an ICA Global Board Member who chaired a panel on gender.  

To get an idea of the 2020 ICA CCR Regional Conference, watch this Youtube Video

Research papers published online at https://ciriec-colombia.org/2020/11/05/hechos-y-emprendimientos-cooperativos-de-transformacion/

The next Congress in 2022 will take place in Brazil! We hope to see you all there!

Claudia Sanchez Bajo
ICA CCR, Fellow Researcher University of Buenos Aires, Faculty of Economics, CESOT