Coming up: CIRIEC Canada colloquium, WDDCM Global Evidence Summit, and the International Co-operative Governance Symposium

23 Apr 2021

Three virtual cooperative research events aimed at cooperative researchers, practitioners and members will take place in May and June. 

CIRIEC Canada colloquium

On 3-5 May Ciriec Canada will be hosting a virtual colloquium as part of the annual congress of The Association for the Promotion and Defense of Research in French (Acfas). 

Themed - The double crossed perspective of research and practices on the public economy and the social economy, the colloquium will feature three sessions. The first session will look at the conversion of Groupe Capitales Médias to cooperative model. The second session will explore the transformation of a state owned enterprise, Investissement Québec while the final session will look at Fondaction, a retirement fund, which aims to invest in companies that promote worker participation and that care about the environment.

Panellists will include cooperative practitioners and researchers from across the country.

To attend the Colloquium participants will have to register for the congress. More information about the event is available at and you can register at 

WDDCM Global Evidence Summit

The International Cooperative Research Group, a division of the US Overseas Cooperative Development Council, is hosting a virtual Global Evidence Summit on 26 May to discuss the policy implications of its latest research study on the effect co-operatives have on the social and economic wellbeing on individuals and communities in Poland, Kenya, Peru, and the Philippines. The event will feature institutions from around the world, including: USAID, the International Cooperative Alliance, the Co-operative University of Kenya, the Kenyan Ministry of Industrialisation Trade and Enterprise Development, the Cooperative Development Authority of the Philippines, the Institute of Peru at the University of San Martín de Porres, Jagiellonian University, Poland, and Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities, Poland.

More information on the event and how to register for it is available here.

International Co-operative Governance Symposium

The International Centre for Co-operative Management at Saint Mary’s University is organising a virtual symposium on governance in co-operatives. Due to take place on 17-19 June, the event will engage professionals, experts, and researchers in an interactive conversation grounded in research and focused on elevating the understanding and practice of governance in cooperatives.

The Symposium will include presentations and discussions on: Governance systems; Contemporary frameworks with due consideration of situational dimensions; Governance in the context of humanistic economics and management theories; Theory combined with practice, Challenges of implementing cooperative governance practices; Governance practices connected to the long-term sustainability of cooperatives and their ability to create value for (current and future) members and society; and Implementing change in co-operative governance.

Further information on the event and how to register is available at