Co-operative College, Sheffield Business School launch survey on demand for UK post-graduate programmes on co-op leadership and social entrepreneurship

15 Apr 2016

The Co-operative College (in Manchester) and Sheffield Business School (Sheffield Hallam University) are exploring the possibility of running joint UK based post-graduate level programmes on co-operative leadership and social entrepreneurship. These are exciting times for co-operative and social business models and they hope review the educational options for co‑operative leaders and managers.

The programme is primarily concerned with:

  • leadership in the contemporary co-operative movement
  • collective approaches to entrepreneurship
  • the development of a social economy
  • social entrepreneurship that supports decent work and sustainable development

They are asking people associated in some way with the co-operative movement and social economy, regardless of their own qualifications, to take a little time to complete a short questionnaire. The aim of this survey is to ‘test the water‘ to assess demand for a new programme.

If you are interested please complete this survey by 15th April. It is very short.

Any queries please email Please feel free to make this survey available to your co-operative and social economy networks.