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10 Feb 2023

Four new research publications have been added to the CCR online library. These resources would be particularly useful for cooperative scholars and researchers, cooperative education practitioners and cooperative leaders. The publications feature a wide range of theoretical sources and case studies while providing practical lessons, strategies, and resources. They look at, among others, the social and solidarity economy, worker cooperatives, governance in democratic organisations and the future directions for cooperative research and education. 

The four publications are: 

L'économie sociale et solidaire by Timothée Duverger,

Handbook of Research on Cooperatives and Mutuals, edited by Matthew S. Elliott and Michael A. Boland; 

Humanistic Governance in Democratic Organizations - The Cooperative Difference, edited by Sonja Novkovic, Karen Miner and Cian McMahon; 

Cooperatives at Work by George Cheney, Matt Noyes, Emi Do, Marcelo Vieta , Joseba Azkarraga, and Charlie Michel.


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