Call for papers - ICA CCR Global Research Conference 2017

10 Feb 2017

‘Developing Inclusive, Collaborative and Responsible Businesses: Co-operatives in Theory, Policy and Practice’

University of Stirling, Scotland June 20-24 2017

The International Co-operative Alliance Committee on Co-operative Research global research conference will take place in Stirling, Scotland from June 20th to June 23rd 2017. The University of Stirling will host the conference and we are now calling for papers.

Conference Theme

The conference theme is to explore the role and potential of co-operatives as inclusive, collaborative and responsible businesses. The goal is to consider these issues in theory, policy and practice - connecting the contribution that theory can make to better co-operative practice, and that co-operative practice can make to better theory. Some are sceptical about these connections, as demonstrated in the old adage: "In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is". Others are more optimistic, ascribing to Kurt Lewin’s view that ‘there is nothing so practical as a good theory’ (Lewin, 1952).

Often theoretical ideas and debates are better understood when located in the historical and empirical contexts and conditions that generate them - that shape what issues and problems are identified, how they are identified, how solutions to them are sought, and by whom. In this sense, it is important to work in both directions, from theory to policy and practice, and from practice and policy to theory. This conference seeks to provide space in which to explore and ensure a deeper understanding of such links, and to discuss how academics, co-operative institutions and policy makers may learn from one another.

A wide range of co-operative types and models in various stages of development and sophistication exist in both traditional and emerging fields. Researchers, policy makers, practitioners and students of co-operatives, social enterprise and social economy from all countries and co-operative sectors are welcome to present their research and share their knowledge in order to inform policy making and support enhancements in both theory and practice, considering the real-world constraints and opportunities that co-operative organisations face.

Call for Papers and Session Proposals

We hereby invite submissions for paper and session proposals. Theoretical and applied presentations are welcome from all co-operative areas. The conference will address, but is not limited to, the following research areas:

  • T1. Co-operatives, Equality and Inclusiveness
  • T2. Co-operatives and Collaboration: Networks, Clusters, Consortia
  • T3. Co-operatives, Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • T4. Co-operative Identity and Communications
  • T5. Co-operative Governance and Organisational Design
  • T6. Member Loyalty and Engagement
  • T7. Co-operative Management; Measuring and Assessing Co-operative Performance
  • T8. Co-operatives and Employment – job tenure, job quality and job satisfaction
  • T9. Enabling Environments and Policy Innovations; Legal Innovations, Frameworks and Issues
  • T10. Pre-co-operative and Social Capital Building; Co-operative Start-ups, Development and Entrepreneurship; Co-operative Education, Training and Capacity Building
  • T11. Co-operative Growth, Longevity and Resilience; Co-operative Failures and/or Recoveries
  • T12. Co-operatives and Market Innovation Strategies (niche markets, differentiation, internationalisation, short supply chains, etc.)
  • T13. Credit and Finance Co-operatives/Access to credit
  • T14. Agricultural Co-operatives
  • T15. Co-operative Retailing
  • T16. Community Co-operatives
  • T17. Social Co-operatives
  • T18. New Forms of Co-operation
  • T19. Hybrid Co-operative Forms
  • T20. Other topics of your choice (please describe in a few words)