Call for Papers: "Globalization and Social Justice: A Century of ILO action, 1919-2019

15 Jun 2018

The symposium will take place in Paris, on the 26-27-28 June 2019 at the Conseil économique, social et environnemental and the University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne

The International Labour Organization (ILO) is about to celebrate its 100th anniversary. For historians, sociologists, political scientists, lawyers, economists, and anthropologists working on the ILO, this is a unique occasion to re-examine its origins, assess its experience over the century, and reflect upon its future and its (challenged) influence today. The ILO was founded in 1919 and survived the League of Nations. After World War II, the ILO became a specialized UN agency and brought to the UN system its unique experience and know-how derived from the tradition of the first internationalism.

Moreover, the ILO is the only organization which guarantees the representation of the world of work. Together with representatives of governments, of employers’ and workers’ representatives cooperate in order to establish international labor standards and implement them on national level. Since 1919, the ILO’s mission has therefore been to regulate the economy and the society at the international level, and to elaborate standards on work and employment, social protection and social dialogue. The ILO also seeks to produce expertise on these questions and organize technical cooperation. This mission was reasserted by the Declaration of Philadelphia in 1944, the Declaration on Fundamental Principals and Rights at Work (1998) and further developed by the Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Glabalization (2008).

This scientific and multidisciplinary symposium proposes to study the ILO by considering it as a part of broader institutional system whose primary goal is to create the conditions for universal peace and social justice. Therefore, the ILO has formulated and followed ideals of social reform while remaining pragmatic on specific questions. In many areas, the ILO can be considered as a pioneering institution.

This symposium aims to assess the academic knowledge currently available on the ILO. It will also include testimonies from different actors involved in the work of the ILO (directly or indirectly), in order to debate on the future of the organization. The scientific committee welcomes communications about other organizations whose activities are related to the missions of the ILO’s mandate. The symposium covers the period from 1919 to the present.

Four areas of research are suggested:


If you want to participate in the conference, please send a CV and an abstract (maximum of 500 words) by June 15, 2018 to the following address: 

The abstract should clearly indicate the focus of the paper, its main arguments and research methods. Those selected for participation will be informed by the first week of July, 2018. Final papers must be submitted by May 30, 2019.


Globalization and Social Justice: A Century of ILO action, 1919-2019