Call for Papers - 15th ICA-AP Cooperative Research Conference, Trivandrum, India

19 Feb 2020
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Organizer and local partners

The ICA Asia-Pacific CCR Research Conference 2020 will be held in Trivandrum, India from the 25-27 November 2020 at the Agricultural Cooperative Staff Training Institute (ACSTI). The conference is organized by the ICA Asia and Pacific Committee on Cooperative Research (CCR) with the support of ACSTI, Government of Kerala and the ICA-EU Partnership on Cooperatives in Development, in order to bring together academics and researchers working on cooperatives in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Main theme and topics

There is an urgent need to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change, including the migration and displacement of peoples. As per the analysis of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) member survey carried out in 2018, ICA members expressed concerns about environmental issues. In facing threats raised by environmental issues such as climate change and drought, members would like to pursue strategic dialogue with other actors in the field of environmental, social and sustainable development.

Ranging from small-scale to multi-million dollar businesses, cooperatives employ around 100 million women and men in both industrialized and developing countries, and have more than 800 million individual members across the globe. 'Concern for community' is the 7th Cooperative Principle which guides the work of cooperatives around the world. For this reason, the 15th ICA-AP CCR Research Conference is based on the theme: “Confronting climate change through cooperative enterprise” and invites scholars, practitioners and policy makers to reflect critically upon the significant contribution that cooperatives can make to mitigating climate change. The Conference would highlight not only how cooperatives help reduce carbon emissions, but also promote sustainable development in general.

Based on the above perspective, the conference aims to address a wide range of topics of the cooperative movement’s development through time and location from different scientific fields and traditions, including – among others:

1. Climate smart interventions
2. Strengthening resilience of communities
3. Partnerships in addressing effects of climate change
4. Sustainable production and consumption to reduce the impact of climate change
5. Statistics: classification, national and regional statistics, world cooperative monitor
6. Linkages: Coordination between cooperatives and Government, local bodies and other agencies working on climate change
7. Corporate social responsibility, creating shared value, stakeholder engagement etc.
8. Role of cooperatives in restoring normalcy, community involvement, community cooperatives and tribal cooperatives etc.
9. Policy and legal frameworks, public private partnership etc.
10. Governing commons through cooperatives: resources, irrigation, fisheries etc.
11. New areas: Healthcare, elderly care, childcare, energy platforms etc.

The above thematic topics are NOT exclusive and shall be re-defined based on the received submissions.

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Researchers interested to present their papers in the conference, need to submit an abstract of not more than 600 words that should broadly include the research question, methodology, likely contribution to the field of knowledge and relevant literature. The abstracts should be submitted in the following format:

- Title of paper
- Name(s) and affiliations of Authors
- Main theme/ objective of the paper
- Methodological and/or Conceptual approach
- Bibliography, Keywords and Contact details for corresponding author(s).

Poster proposals may also be sent, especially by young researchers, postgraduate and doctoral students. All abstracts should reach Mr. Mohit Dave, Secretary, ICA Asia and Pacific CCR at on or before 1st July, 2020.

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Young Scholars and Early Career Researchers’ Workshop

On the first day of the conference a dedicated workshop will be organized for young scholars and early career researchers in order to cultivate and enhance an interdisciplinary collaboration. The workshop will be an opportunity for these scholars to present their research in a friendly environment and be provided constructive feedback and support from senior academics researchers in the field. The organisers will provide select number of scholarships to cover the cost of travel and accommodation, on merit-cum-need basis.

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Important dates

* 1st July 2020 - Deadline for abstracts’ submissions
* 1st August 2020 - Notification to authors with presentation guidelines
* 15th October 2020 - Deadline to register for the conference
* 10th November 2020 - Deadline to send full papers and presentations
* 25-27th November 2020 - 15th ICA Asia-Pacific CCR Research Conference

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Young Researcher Award

The ICA-AP CCR will bestow two meritorious papers with Dr. Mauritz Bonow Young Researcher Award (US$ 500 and US$ 300) to researchers not over 35 years of age, presenting their papers in the conference.