Not Alone - trade union and co-operative solutions for self-employed workers

05 Apr 2016

From the website of Cooperatives UK

With more than 15 per cent of the workforce self-employed (some 4.6 million) and projections that this is set to grow this year, the rise of freelancing signals a fundamental shift in the nature of work. Some, driven by the lure of freedom, are choosing to go self-employed; others are going freelance out of necessity. Changes to the labour market mean that zero hours contracts, part-time work and ‘portfolio’ careers are becoming more and more the norm.

The Not Alone report looks at recent trends in self-employment, both here in the UK and across the world - and how the co-operative and trade union movements can serve and protect the growing 'precariat'.

The report has been produced in partnership with Wales Co-operative Centre and Unity Trust Bank.


By Pat Conaty, Alex Bird and Philip Ross

Publisher - Cooperatives UK (April, 2016)