The Guidelines for Local Governments on Policies for SSE

09 Mar 2021

The Guidelines for Local Governments on Policies for SSE (Authors: Hamish Jenkins, Ilcheong Yi, Samuel Brülisauer, Kameni Chaddha) published by United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) explain the key elements constituting an enabling policy and institutional environment, or “ecosystem”, for SSE. They offer a toolbox that can be used in the development of policies and institutions for SSE at the subnational level.

Readers — from government officials and SSE practitioners to other local stakeholders — will find guidance on the topics and public policy considerations that are essential for fostering a viable and vibrant SSE ecosystem at the subnational level: Co-construction of Public Policy; Legal Frameworks; Mainstreaming SSE in Development Plans; Supporting Organizations; Capacity Building; Access to Finance; Access to Markets; Awareness Raising and Advocacy; and Research and Data Collection on SSE.

The Guidelines draw on insights from seven city case studies, bringing together evidence on good practices as well as challenges in local policy making for SSE. The document is currently available in English. A Spanish edition is in the works, and we are exploring possibilities for a French edition.


For more information and download, please visit the UNRISD website.