Cooperatives in industrial and service sectors in the Asia-Pacific region

11 Oct 2019

International Cooperative Alliance Asia and Pacific (ICA-AP) and CICOPA, sector organisation of the ICA representing cooperatives in industry and services at the global level, are pleased to release the Report on Cooperatives in Industrial and Service Sectors in the Asia-Pacific region.
The Report is the result of a one-year research project conducted by ICA-AP & CICOPA in close collaboration with ICA member organisations, research institutes, individual cooperatives and individual researchers. The study attempts to answer some of the burning questions from the world of work and cooperatives.

  • What are the contributions of cooperatives to work and employment?
  • What are the new emerging models of worker cooperatives in the Asia Pacific Region?
  • What are the different constituents of the ecosystem of a worker cooperative?
  • How can policies be amended for the conducive growth of worker cooperatives?

This report highlights different models of the industrial and service cooperatives in the Asia-Pacific region and their concrete examples. It also provides analysis and recommendations for the eco-system conducive to promote these cooperatives and raises ongoing issues on the role of cooperatives in contributing to the decent work.

ICA AP and CICOPA expect that this report will be an important step to make a full picture of industrial and service cooperatives at the global level and help the cooperative movement to understand better and promote more these cooperatives which are already important parts of their movement without sufficient recognition.