World Cooperative Monitor Launch

World Cooperative Monitor Official Launch

The International Cooperative Alliance and the European Research Institute on Cooperative and Social Enterprises (Euricse) launched the 2020 World Cooperative Monitor during a special webinar on 20 January. More than 250 people from all around the world took part in the event.

Read a report of the webinar with main interventions, conclusions and much more, here.

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What is The World Cooperative Monitor?

The World Cooperative Monitor is a periodic report launched annually and is organized by the International Cooperative Alliance and Euricse. This is the 9th edition of the World Cooperative Monitor since its first launch at 2012. The report presents rankings based on turnover as well as the ratio of turnover over gross domestic product (GDP) per capita. In addition to a ranking of the Top 300 cooperatives and sector rankings, this year’s monitor includes an analysis of cooperative responses to two global challenges: Covid-19 and climate change.  

The data collected for the 2020 edition is from 2018, with primary sources including annual and sustainability reports, economic databases, data collected by national associations, research institutes and other organisations, alongside responses to a questionnaire sent directly to enterprises.

The objectives of the World Cooperative Monitor project is to develop an integrated, multi-dimensional database reporting on the socio-economic value and impact of cooperatives both within a global scenario and in their regional and national contexts. 

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