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Mexican credit unions increase profit by a fifth

Credit and saving co-operatives in Mexico increased profit by over a fifth in 2012.

Les coopératives financières font preuve de résistance pendant la crise

Dans le contexte actuel de récession mondiale, les coopératives sont plus résistantes que les autres banques, d'après un rapport publié par l'Organisation Internationale du Travail.

The Second Annual Child and Youth Finance International Summit & Award Ceremony


It is my pleasure to invite you to The Second Annual Child and Youth Finance International Summit & Award Ceremony which will be held May 7th - 9th 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey. Attached is the official invitation and linked is the draft program schedule.

La cooperativas financieras han demostrado tener mayor capacidad de resiliencia durante la crisis

In el contexto de la crisis económica global, las cooperativas financieras han demostrado que tienen una mayor capacidad de recuperación que otros bancos, según un informe publicado por la Organización Internacional del Trabajo (OIT).

Financial co-operatives prove resilience during crisis

In light of the global recession, financial co-operatives have proved to be more resilient than other banks, according to a report published by the International Labour Organization.

ACCU Management Report February 2013

Highlights of the monthly activities of the ASSOCIATION OF ASIAN CONFEDERATION OF CREDIT UNIONS.


Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions - January 2013

The January 2013 Management Report of the Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions.  



A second International Summit of Co-operatives 2014

The International Co-operative Alliance and Desjardins announce another International Summit to be held 6 - 9 October 2014 in Quebec City, Canada.



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