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Agricultural co-operatives are thriving in the US

As the United States celebrates ‘Co-op Month’, the country’s National Cooperative Bank (NCB) has revealed that the top 100 co-operatives produced revenues in excess of USD $226 billion last year.

First co-operative bank for Colombia will open in 2014

Colombia's first co-operative bank is due to launch next year, after receiving government approval.

1st Cooperative Forum “Development of cooperative credit system in Kyrgyzstan”

This will be the first Forum of the Cooperatives Union of Kyrgyzstan and a first event in the country which adresses credit cooperatives issues at the highest level.
The Forum aims to:
- to discuss the project of development of cooperative credit system in Kyrgyzstan as a mean of access to finance.
- to learn from international experience and create a platform for further dialogue.
- to create lively discussion focused on the role, potential, limitations and prospects of credit cooperatives in transitional countries as the Kyrgyz Republic.

Le Plan d’action souligne un certain nombre de possibilités pour que les coopératives puissent garantir un accès aux capitaux plus adéquat

Les coopératives doivent trouver une proposition financière qui apporte un retour sur investissement, sans pour autant détruire l’identité coopérative en tant que moyen d’accès aux capitaux.

ICA Africa's Dr Chiyoge Sifa challenges the movement to establish an African Co-operative Bank

The Regional Director of the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) Africa, Dr. Chiyoge B. Sifa, has challenged African Co-operative Movements to establish an African Co-operative Bank to promote and strengthen autonomous and viable co-operatives in the continent. She said,” establishing the bank will help create an enabling financial base for member countries across Africa.”

Co-op Service Day in Pittsburgh!

On Saturday, July 6th (International Cooperatives Day), the East End Food Co-op will coordinate volunteers from various cooperatives to prepare and serve a meal to 10-14 residents of the Orr Compassionate Care Center, a non-medical respite facility operated by East End Cooperative Ministry in East Liberty. These are individuals who have had a recent hospital stay or medical crisis and do not have an appropriate place to recover, or who do not have people to provide basic assistance during their recovery.

UNISAP por un México Verde

Hablar de la RED UNISAP, es hablar de un conjunto de instituciones cooperativas que unidas, promueven productos y servicios financieros de calidad en México para todas aquellas personas que como tú, aspiran a nuevos retos y conquistar nuevos proyectos que los ayuden a mejorar su calidad de vida.

La RED UNISAP es la igualdad, solidaridad, respeto y trato amable que se brinda en cada una de las instituciones de la red, creadas con principios y valores cooperativos que nos hacen fuertes y nos comprometen a cubrir cada una de tus necesidades financieras.


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