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Positive commercial performance for Brazilian co-operatives

Brazillian co-operatives reported a strong year in 2013, collectively achieving a trade balance of USD $5.6bn. A report by the Ministry of Development, Industry and External Trade confirmed that co-operatives also increased exports from 1.7% in 2007 to 2.5% in 2013.

‘Strasbourg declaration’ calls on governments to realise the potential of social enterprises and co-operatives

Over 2,000 policy makers and social entrepreneurs from across the European Union’s 28 member states highlighted the importance of co-operatives at a high-level conference in Strasbourg.

The two-day event was organised by the European Commission and encouraged social entrepreneurs to “have their say” by joining the discussion on the role of social enterprises in the European economy.

Cecop launches an interactive itinerary to promote co-operative cultural heritage

The European confederation of co-operatives and worker-owned enterprises active in industry and services (Cecop) is designing an innovative itinerary in the field of cultural and industrial tourism that will promote and preserve the co-operative heritage.

Cooproute will include co-operatives that are deeply rooted in the local territory and whose economic activities contribute to preserving the traditional local skills and products.

First National Cooperative Congress

The cooperative sector in Nepal has been recognized by the Nepal Government as one of the pillars among three pillars (Cooperative, Public and Private) of national economy. At present, there are 29,546 primary cooperatives, 285 district level cooperative unions, 17 central level cooperative unions, one National Cooperative Bank and one National Cooperative Federation in Nepal (NCF/N) as an apex body of Nepalese Cooperative Movement.

XXIX Jornada de Opinión Cooperativa - Lecciones desde el cooperativismo colombiano

La Asociación Colombiana de Cooperativas – Ascoop realizará la XXIX Jornada de Opinión Cooperativa durante los días 3 y 4 de abril de 2014, en el Centro de Convenciones del Hotel Las Américas de Cartagena de Indias D.T., evento en el cual participan asociados, directivos y líderes del sector cooperativo colombiano interesados en conocer, presentar e intercambiar ideas y experiencias sobre los temas de interés que inciden en la actividad de nuestras organizaciones e impactan a la sociedad.

Cooperativas de las Américas, la OEA y la NCBA organizarán por primera vez un evento conjunto sobre cooperativas

Cooperativas de las Américas conjuntamente con la Asociación Nacional de Negocios Cooperativos (NCBA) de Estados Unidos y la OEA (Organización de Estados Americanos) organizará el 20 de marzo del 2014 en el salón Américas de la OEA en Washington, un evento de suma importancia para el movimiento cooperativo de la región “Las Cooperativas en las Américas: Impulsando el Crecimiento Económico con Equidad e Inclusión”.

LIV Reunión de Consejo de Administración Regional

Del 27 al 28 de Febrero del 2014 se llevará a cabo la primer reunión del 20144 del Consejo de Administración de Cooperativas de las Américas (antes ACI Américas) en la Ciudad de San JOsé, Costa Rica.

Jumbo Fairtrade Tea Party

Jumbo Fairtrade Tea Party
Wednesday 19 February

The Co-operative Wholesale Society began 150 years ago with a tea party at Jumbo Farm in Middleton. At our Jumbo Fairtrade Tea Party families can celebrate this anniversary and find out about Fairtrade today!

There will be a wide range of activities for all ages including making a Play-Doh cake, hosting a mini tea party, decorating a Fairtrade cookie and making a Fairtrade badge.


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