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La cooperativas hacen un llamamiento a los encargados de la elaboración de políticas para que las reconozcan como impulsoras del desarrollo sostenible

Con el establecimiento de los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible de la ONU en marcha, la Alianza Cooperativa Internacional, la voz de las cooperativas a nivel internacional, ha publicado hoy su posición sobre este asunto, en la que se subraya los numerosos obstáculos que aún existen para el movimiento, que cuenta con mil millones de personas


Co-operatives call on international policymakers to recognize co-ops as drivers of sustainable growth

With the setting of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in motion, the International Co-operative Alliance, the global voice for co-operatives, has issued today its position on this issue that highlights the many obstacles which still exist for the billion people-strong movement.


Co-operative Enterprise Law

Co-operative enterprise law is only rarely part of teaching curricula, even if around one billion members around the world are involved in this special form of enterprise with an economic and social impact to match. The repeated crisis resilience of co-operatives and the growing awareness that sustainable development issues must also be addressed by and through enterprises brings this shortcoming to light.

Sustainable Development Goals: Position Paper

Sustainable Development is at the very core of co-operative enterprises. This is a model of business based on ethical values and principles whose goal is to provide for the needs and aspirations of their members.


International Handbook of Co-operative Law looks at co-operative legislation across the world

A new International Handbook of Co-operative Law aims to provide guidelines as to how the seven co-operative principles can be translated into legislation.

International Co-operative Day 2014 theme announced

This year, International Co-operative Day, to be celebrated on 5 July, will have the theme of “Co-operative enterprises achieve sustainable development for all.” Concern for the community is one of the co-operative movement’s founding values and, as such, the need to sustainably safeguard favourable living conditions for communities underpins all co-operatives’ operations and vision.

Interview: Mr Balasubramanian (Balu) G. Iyer, new Regional Director for the Alliance’s Asia Pacific region

The International Co-operative Alliance has appointed Balu G. Iyer as the new Regional Director for its Asia Pacific office. Mr Iyer has extensive experience in international development and will continue the Alliance’s work in the Asia-Pacific region, promoting and supporting co-operatives to achieve the 2020 vision set forward in the Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade.

CECOP launches manifesto for EU elections

Co-operatives active in industry and services across Europe published a manifesto for the 2014 European Parliament elections. In this manifesto, CECOP, the European Confederation of co-operatives and worker-owned enterprises active in industry and services, sets out the top priorities for the next legislature.

2014 Co-operatives Europe General Assembly

Cooperative businesses and organisations from around Europe will meet in Warsaw to debate, exchange and develop new ways of enhancing the cooperative business model for a prosperous and equitable Europe. The event is organised by Cooperatives Europe and the National Cooperative Council of Poland.


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