New ILO report highlights the main advantages of energy co-operatives

A new report published by the International Labour Organization’s Enterprise Department presents a collection of case studies on co-operatives in energy production, distribution and consumption, showing their contribution to the on-going search for ways in which the goal of Sustainable Energy for All.

India celebra la 60ª Semana Cooperativa Nacional

La Unión Nacional Cooperativa de India ha organizado la Semana Cooperativa de este año, que se proponía subrayar la contribución de la economía de India.

Las cooperativas deben redefinir el concepto de crecimiento

Con el Plan para una Década Cooperativa, fijado el objetivo de que en el 2020 las cooperativas se hayan consolidado como “el tipo de organización empresarial de más rápido crecimiento”, el Movimiento debería también tratar de redefinir el concepto de crecimiento.

La OIT y la ACI fortalecen su colaboración

Después de la Asamblea General de la ACI, el director adjunto de la Organización Internacional del Trabajo (OIT), Greg Vines, ha sugerido cómo las dos organizaciones podrían trabajar juntos.

El movimiento está de luto por la pérdida de un líder cooperativista y activista por la paz

El movimiento cooperativo israelí está llorando la muerte del Dr Yehuda Paz, cooperante y activista para la justicia social y la paz durante toda su vida.

2014 ICA Research Conference

The International Cooperative Alliance Committee on Cooperative Research (ICA CCR) international research conference will be hosted in 2014 by the University Juraj Dobrila in Pula, Croatia. The conference will bring together researchers and students of cooperative businesses and the social economy, as well as other fields of co-operative research, but it is also intended to provide a networking opportunity for fledgling local cooperatives.

Israeli Movement mourns the loss of a leading co-operator and campaigner for peace

The Israeli Co-operative Movement is mourning the loss of Dr Yehuda Paz, long-life co-operator and campaigner for peace and social justice.

Co-operatives must help redefine the concept of growth

With the Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade establishing the goal that by 2020 co-operatives should become “the fastest growing form of enterprise”, the Movement should also look at redefining the concept of growth.

European consumer co-operatives lead in food sustainability

Euro Coop, the European Community of Consumer Co-operatives, held a half-day workshop in Brussels which focused on the subject of sustainable food systems and the different ways in which consumer co-operatives and other stakeholders tackle this issue.

Collaboration strengthens with International Labour Organization

Following the International Co-operative Alliance General Assembly, the Deputy Director General of the International Labour Organization, Greg Vines, has been suggesting how the two organisations can work together.


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