International Handbook of Co-operative Law looks at co-operative legislation across the world

A new International Handbook of Co-operative Law aims to provide guidelines as to how the seven co-operative principles can be translated into legislation.

International Co-operative Day 2014 theme announced

This year, International Co-operative Day, to be celebrated on 5 July, will have the theme of “Co-operative enterprises achieve sustainable development for all.” Concern for the community is one of the co-operative movement’s founding values and, as such, the need to sustainably safeguard favourable living conditions for communities underpins all co-operatives’ operations and vision.

International Summit will feature world-renowned economists and co-operators

Over 150 co-operators, economists and academics will be speaking at this year’s International Summit of Cooperatives. The second edition of the Summit takes place in Quebec on 6-9 October and features speakers from across different sectors.

This year’s Summit will be focusing on five different topics: developing co-operative and mutual enterprises; economics; financing and capitalisation; employment; food security and health and social care services.

Les coopératives soutiennent l’innovation autour du principe de la durabilité

Le groupe de réflexion SustainAbility a nommé les coopératives comme l’un des 20 modèles d’entreprise qui font la promotion d’une innovation en matière de modèle commercial lié à la durabilité. Dans son rapport intitulé « Model Bahavior », le groupe de réflexion accorde au modèle coopératif la deuxième place au classement des modèles les plus novateurs en matière de durabilité.

Las cooperativas son líderes en innovación con respecto a la sostenibilidad empresarial

El grupo de expertos SustainAbility nombró a las cooperativas como uno de los 20 modelos empresariales que promueven la innovación sostenible del modelo empresarial.

En su informe “El comportamiento de los modelos empresariales”, el instituto clasifica las cooperativas como el segundo modelo empresarial más creativo en el contexto de la sostenibilidad.

Co-operatives champion innovation around sustainable business

The thinktank SustainAbility has named co-operatives as one of the 20 business models that promote sustainability-related business model innovation. In its report “Model Bahavior” the thinktank ranks the co-operative model as the second most innovative business model in the context of sustainability.

The report explains that co-operatives change the incentive system within a company to make members, whether employees or customers, more likely to feel invested in the company and its brands.

II. International Congress of Agriculture and Food

With growing economy, demands has became more than the world could cover and started to exceed the natural capacity of planet. While global economy has increasing 7 times in last 50 years, natural life system and habitat have remained principally same. As federation and congress, we wish to contribute to improving agricultural productivity and raising efficient usage of resources and assets.

It would be an honor for Organizing Committee to invite you to ‘’2nd International Congress of Agriculture and Food’’ to contribute the efforts for agricultural development.

Jumbo Fairtrade Tea Party

Jumbo Fairtrade Tea Party
Wednesday 19 February

The Co-operative Wholesale Society began 150 years ago with a tea party at Jumbo Farm in Middleton. At our Jumbo Fairtrade Tea Party families can celebrate this anniversary and find out about Fairtrade today!

There will be a wide range of activities for all ages including making a Play-Doh cake, hosting a mini tea party, decorating a Fairtrade cookie and making a Fairtrade badge.

UN side-event on social and solidarity economy

On February 4th, The Mont-Blanc Meetings (MBM) – International Forum of the Social and Solidarity Economy Entrepreneurs will organize a side-event in New York at the headquarters of the United Nations in the framework of the eighth session of the Open Working Groups on Sustainable Development Goals.

Co-operative business leader Andrew Crane (AU) appointed to the B20 industry group

Dr Andrew Crane, CEO of Australia’s largest co-operative, CBH Group and Chairman of the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals, has been appointed to the B20 group of industry leaders advising the Australian Government on the G20 agenda.


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