Blueprint for a Co-op Decade

Read the Final Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade in Chinese, English, French, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish and a summary version in Greek.

CCW Newsletter, issue 1, 2013

The first newsletter from Consumer Co-operatives Worldwide for 2013 which has been redesigned to support the themes for the Blueprint for a co-op decade.

Toasting a Co-operative Decade

Global leaders, representing the $US2 trillion worldwide co-operative movement, toast the launch of a campaign to make co-operatives the fastest growing form of business by 2020 with co-operatively produced champagne.

Co-operatives already represent about one billion people and at the close of Co-operatives United in Manchester, global leaders urged action to create a more equal and people-centred economy across the world.

Resolution of the International Co-operative Banking Association 2012

The ICBA presented this resolution as an outcome of the Global Coopeartive Financial Summit in Quebec City on October 8th 2012. The theme of the summit was “Financial cooperatives contribute to a better world”

Declaration from the International Summit of Co-operatives 2012

On October 11, 2012, the International Summit of Co-operative's three co-hosts presented their proposed Declaration of the 2012 International Summit of Cooperatives to participants.

Venice Declaration 2012 - Promoting the Understanding of Co-operatives for a better world

This is the final declaration from the International Conference "Promoting the Understanding of Co-operatives for a Better World", held in Venice in April 2012.

Dunsany Declaration for Rural Co-operative Development

Co-operatives are critically important to feed a growing population in an era of increasing global resource scarcity and unequal distribution. This is the message of the Dunsany Declaration, launched today to coincide with World Food Day.

Un milliard de membres ne peuvent se tromper

Québec (Canada) 8 octobre 2012 – Réunies cette semaine à Québec, les plus importantes coopératives du monde examineront les défis à relever afin de poursuivre la croissance du secteur coopératif au cours des prochaines décennies. 


One billion owners cannot be wrong

Quebec City (Canada) 8 October 2012 – A meeting this week of leading co-operative businesses will look at overcoming the obstacles to even greater global co-operative business growth in the coming decades.
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