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National Federation of Rural Co-operatives (Induk KUD)

Induk KUD from Indonesia became an Associate Member of the ICA on 26 October 2011.

Induk KUD was founded on 12 November 1979 and serves as the national federation of rural co-operatives in Indonesia.

Induk KUD's mission is to help the co-operative movement expand joint business relationships, ensure creation and implementation of a business climate that supports co-operative survival and development, education and training, develop co-operative business, and improve the welfare of its members and as a result the community.

Mongolia National Co-operator's Association (MNCA) from Mongolia

Mongolia National Co-operator's Association (MNCA) from Mongolia became a Member of the ICA on 31 October 2011. MNCA was founded 8 May 2008 and is the national apex organisation representing co-operatives in Mongolia. They were established to provide leadership in sustainable development of the co-operative movement.

CECOP lanza un manifiesto para las elecciones de la Unión Europea

Las cooperativas activas en la industria y los servicios en Europa han publicado un manifiesto para las elecciones del Parlamento Europeo. En este manifiesto, CECOP, la Confederación Europea de Cooperativas de Producción y Trabajo Asociado, de Cooperativas Sociales y Empresas Sociales y Participativas fija las prioridades para la próxima legislatura.

La CECOP lance un manifeste pour les élections du Parlement européen

Les coopératives actives dans l'industrie et les services ont publié un manifeste pour les élections 2014 du Parlement européen. Dans ce manifeste, la CECOP, la Confédération européenne des coopératives et autres entreprises propriété de leurs travailleurs actives dans les secteurs de l’industrie et des services définit les priorités absolues pour la prochaine législature.

Los sindicatos publican nuevas directrices para ayudar a los trabajadores a convertir empresas en cooperativas

Los sindicatos de trabajadores en Grecia están publicando un manual de instrucciones que guiará a los trabajadores durante la conversión de las empresas en cooperativas.

Como consecuencia de la crisis financiera, más de 60.000 empresas se han cerrado en Grecia, aumentando el desempleo. La Confederación General de Trabajadores de Grecia (GSEE) piensa que las cooperativas pueden emancipar a los trabajadores que están a punto de ser despedidos.

II. International Congress of Agriculture and Food

With growing economy, demands has became more than the world could cover and started to exceed the natural capacity of planet. While global economy has increasing 7 times in last 50 years, natural life system and habitat have remained principally same. As federation and congress, we wish to contribute to improving agricultural productivity and raising efficient usage of resources and assets.

It would be an honor for Organizing Committee to invite you to ‘’2nd International Congress of Agriculture and Food’’ to contribute the efforts for agricultural development.

Co-operatives must help redefine the concept of growth

With the Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade establishing the goal that by 2020 co-operatives should become “the fastest growing form of enterprise”, the Movement should also look at redefining the concept of growth.


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