Cooperatives Europe pide más cooperativas de energía renovable en Europa

Cooperatives Europe está ayudando a promover la opción cooperativa para el sector de energía renovable en Europa. A través de los estados miembros de la Unión Europea, se han creado más de 2.000 cooperativas de energía, con 700 de ellas en Alemania.

Community Energy - Local Energy Cooperatives

The region of Lamia in central Greece is suffering from high rates of unemployment. At the same time the cost of electricity and especially oil has been significantly increased within the last year, mainly due to governmental policies.
The NGO "KAPA Network" and the recently established farmers cooperative "Stevia Hellas" are organizing an event in order to:
- Learn more about energy cooperatives, since such schemes are totally unknown in Greece

Movement continues to be a part of the UN's International Year agenda

Following on from the International Year of Co-operatives, the United Nations has named 2013 as the International Year of Quinoa and the International Year of Water Co-operation.

Une sénatrice demande que les lois sur l'énergie du Brésil se souviennent des coopératives

Une sénatrice brésilienne a demandé que la loi ayant pour but d'abaisser les prix de l'énergie prenne en compte le rôle unique des coopératives.

Senadora pide que la nueva ley de electricidad de Brasil toma en cuenta las cooperativas

Una senadora Brasileña pidió que la nueva legislación destinada a reducir el cuesto de la energía eléctrica toma en cuenta el papel muy importante de las cooperativas rurales.

Senator calls for Brazil's energy law to remember co-ops

A Brazillian Senator has called for legislation aimed to cut energy prices to take the unique role of rural co-operatives into account.

Money and Life: A Conversation whose time has come with filmmaker Katie Teague

We want to invite you not only to a very special movie screening of Money and Life, but also to become a part of a new, on-going local conversation about the future of money, exchange, and how we find the means to afford what we most value in life.

In your heart, you sense that we need a radically new conversation about money, don’t you? Come be part of something hugely important: a community gathering that not only shifts the conversation about money, but begins the work of how each of us, individually and as a connected community, can actually be part of the New Economy!

Symposium Cooperative Energy prosumers Netherlands

The UN year of co-operatives in the Netherlands will be celebrated throughout the year with several activities in the field of renewable energy co-operatives, and expected to be combined with other interest fields in the second half of 2012.

More details to be published a.s.a.p.

- International/European speaker about year of cooperatives and cooperative principles
- National political representative - political developments for local energy cooperatives
- Local politician - sustainable production


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