La CECOP lance un itinéraire interactif pour promouvoir le patrimoine culturel des coopératives

La Confédération européenne des coopératives de production et de travail associé (CECOP) est en train de concevoir un itinéraire innovant dans le domaine du tourisme culturel et industriel qui fera la promotion du patrimoine coopératif et servira à le préserver.

Cooproute comprendra des coopératives qui sont profondément ancrées dans le paysage local et dont les activités économiques contribuent à préserver les compétences et les produits locaux traditionnels.

Cicopa está lanzando un itinerario interactivo para promover el patrimonio cooperativo

La Confederación Europea de Cooperativas de Producción y de Trabajo Asociado, de Cooperativas Sociales y Empresas Sociales y Participativas (Cecop) está diseñando un itinerario innovador en el turismo industrial y cultural que promoverá y preservará el patrimonio cooperativo.

La Ruta Europea de la Cultura Cooperativa (Cooproute) incluirá las cooperativas que están fuertemente arraigadas en el territorio y cuyas actividades económicas contribuyen a la preservación de los productos y aptitudes locales.

Defiant Radios Fun Day

11.00am - 4.00pm

In the 1930s, radio manufacturers refused to supply radio sets to co-operatives so they made their own and call them ‘defiant’. Find out more at our fun day!
See displays of historic radios and learn about radios through time. Design your own cardboard radio and poster to advertise your radio. Make a real crystal radio and record your own radio broadcast.

We are very pleased to be working alongside amateur Rochdale radio club RADARS and the amateur radio support network RAYNET.

FREE, donations welcomed. Some activities may have a small charge.

BITAC - International fair of cooperative tourism

BITAC - International fair of cooperative tourism

Florence, 10 - 11 novembre 2012

Organized by Alliance of Italian Cooperatives (AGCI, Confcooperative, Legacoop)

10 november, 3.00 pm, Palagio di Parte Guelfa
Presentation of cultural cooperative routes

11 november, 9.00 am, Fortezza da Basso
The fair

ICS MED International Seminar : Building a European Cooperative System

LYON 20, 21 JUNE 2012

The European Union supports the cooperative economy as a local development actor. ICS MED project aims at improving Mediterranean Europe’s ability to face international competition.
This transnational cooperation project brings Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and France together in order to reinforce the cooperative systems and to decline policy lines in coordinated actions between four specific sectors : fishery, agriculture, tourism and environment.

You Me and Us Photography Competition

We want you to show what Rochdale Borough means to you in 2012.

Photographs must be taken in the Borough and your photo could be about you having a fantastic time with family or friends. It might be about exploring our countryside or parks, you might be taking part in a concert or watching someone else perform at a special event, or it could be something you’re doing at school or in your community. Whatever it is, it could become part of our 2012 story.

You Me and Us Photography Competition — England

As World Capital of Co-operatives we’re welcoming visitors from around the world during the International Year of Co-operatives, the Olympic Torch is coming to the borough and we’re celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

We want to capture all of this and more through your photographs - we want you to show what the borough means to you in 2012.


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