Reshaping the Future of Finance. Child and Youth Finance International Summit and Awards Ceremony

1. About ChildFinance
Finance is an important part of life. Yet many children and youth do not fully understand it. 90% of children and youth are still without access to formal financial services. We say it is time to change the status quo. This is why the ChildFinance movement is dedicated to making sure that every child in the world has a savings account when they graduate from primary school and has the financial knowledge and skills to be able to operate this account. As a first step, we will work collaboratively to reach 100 million children in 100 countries by 2015.

Food Co-ops Sourcing Locally

The Food Co-ops & Buying Groups project presents it’s 2nd East Anglian conference:


Linking up food co-ops, buying groups, allotment plotholders, community gardens, urban scrumpers, & small producers

February 6th 10:00 - 4:00 at Sproughton Tithe Barn near Ipswich, Suffolk

Presentations & Workshops from:

Urban Harvest London & Leeds -

egyptian youth celebrate launch international year of co-operatives

Governing the management of Club of the 25 Blood Donor Arab Republic of Egypt ceremony to launch the invitation to participate in the International Year of Cooperatives through the establishment of the tariff and the number of activities aimed at publicizing the importance of participation and communication is addressed to companies and factories and other sectors and includes an advertising campaign to raise awareness directed to the citizen

International Conference for Cooperation Economy

On February 15th, 16th and 17th, 2012 will be held in the city of Barranquilla, the Second International Conference of Solidarity Economy in the Convention Center-Grand Boulevard Hotel Sonesta. The event will feature speakers from renowned national and international economic issues and the solidarity sector in general.

As part of the academic agenda, the event will develop a series of workshops, which will touch on current issues within the sector to the discussion of stakeholders.

The First Social Network for Cooperatives

On the occasion of the launch by the 2012 UN International Year of Cooperatives, Irecoop Tuscany, training agency of cooperative members of Confcooperative, december 19 introduces the first social network platform that will appeal to all the cooperatives to their members , their employees and more generally to those who have interest with respect to the model of cooperative enterprises.


Turkey’s different geographic regions and different organizations working in the field of agriculture,food and related sectors, researchers from different provinces and organizations will come together to exchange knowledge, and experiences. In addition to Turkish participants, delegates from 65 countries will bring their experiences to this congress. Very effective communications, interactions and exchange of ideas will bring new solutions to the old problems in the area.

Genossenschaften als Motoren von Entwicklung

„Genossenschaften gestalten eine bessere Welt“ ist das Motto des UN-Jahres der Genossenschaften 2012. Nach einer besseren Welt sehnen sich besonders die Menschen
in Entwicklungsländern, die im Rahmen einer globalisierten Ökonomie wenig an den sozialen und ökonomischen Gewinnen partizipieren. Chancen zur Veränderung bieten ihnen allerdings kooperative und solidarische Wirtschaftsstrukturen. Sie ermöglichen ihnen ökonomisches
Vorankommen, strukturelle Vorteile sowie soziale und politische Partizipation.

Together for the future development

1 - the signing of the Charter of Social Solidarity.
2 - Egypt coloring mural of peace,,,
3 - Forum small and medium industries include (offers to young industries, financial quarters, a marketing consulting parties, associations and civil society organizations)
5- Concert entertainment

Co-operatives WA Conference 2012

Provisional Theme
Resilience and sustainability of co-operative business models in a changed world

Lead Organisers
Co-operatives WA and University of Western Australia

- National and international academic researchers
- Leading State and National member focused enterprises
- Professional directors and business advisers
- Capital markets operatives


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