Tributes paid to India's father of dairy co-operatives

India has remembered its founding father of dairy co-operatives across the country that has helped millions of farmers and helped develop what is now Amul Dairy.

Le mouvement des travailleurs du Japon prend soin des personnes âgées

Bien que le concept de coopérative de travailleurs ne soit pas courant au Japon, le secteur a déclaré un chiffre d'affaires de 27 milliards de yens (343 millions de dollars US/ 274 millions d'euros) et compte 40.000 membres.

El movimineto de los trabajadores protege a las personas mayores en Japón

A pesar del hecho que la idea de una cooperativa de trabajadores no es muy común en Japón, el sector ha registrado un volumen de negocio de 27 millones de yenes (USD 343 millones) y cuenta con 40.000 miembros.

Japan's worker movement takes care of the elderly

Despite the concept of a worker co-operative not being common in Japan, the sector has reported a turnover of 27 billion yen (USD343 million) and has over 40,000 members.

Rural Cooperation for the 21st Century: Unique Opportunities for Farm Families

There is growing demand for authentic family farm food with a ‘clean, green’ image. Farmers can avail of this market opportunity by selling their products directly to retailers and consumers and retaining a larger margin with higher profits. However a supportive and regulative framework is required to serve the needs and interests of both farmers and consumers and to achieve market success.

Co-con 2012

International conference on co-operative law

World Food Day on 16 October backs agricultural co-operatives

Around 925 million people do not have enough to eat, according to the UN's Food and Agricultural Organization, with 70 per cent of those people living in rural areas where agriculture is the main source of income. To help highlight potential solutions to this crisis, the FAO has declared this year’s World Food Day theme as Agricultural Co-operatives: key to feeding the world.

Westside Co-operatives Celebration

Celebrate the United Nations International Year of the Co-op

Come together to celebrate the wondrous Westside cooperatives.
Share chai, afternoon tea and your favourite co-op moments with community-minded friends.

3-5pm afternoon tea
(please bring a plate to share)

Bring an interesting recipe for the BEST RECIPE COMPETITION**

Grasslands, WOC, Golden Phoenix, SOC, NOC, KOG, Rawmilkville, Melton CSA, SOC II …and more … everyone cooperative-minded welcome!

Together. How cooperatives show resilience to the crisis

From February to April 2012, CECOP and m30m, a film production cooperative, filmed 4 different cooperative stories: a mineral water factory in Poland founded more than 60 years ago (Muszynianka), a French company in crisis acquired by its workers and transformed into a worker cooperative (Fonderie de l’Aisne), a consortium of social cooperatives in Milan providing labour inclusion to disadvantaged people and social services to thousands of citizens (Consorzio SIS) , and an industrial cooperative group which is one of Spain’s main business groups (Mondragon).

Big Co-op Conversations#5 - IYC2012 Maleny 'Co-ops4change Fest'

The Co-ops for Change Fest is a one-day event planned to bring together local co-operatives, community and service groups to explore creative and alternative solutions to current issues.


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