Jornada Técnica sobre Observatorios de Cooperativismo y Economía Social

En los últimos años los Observatorios de investigación se han consolidado como herramientas útiles para el desarrollo de sus respectivos objetivos de estudio. En lo que se refiere a la Economía Social se han construido varios que vienen alcanzando importante relevancia a favor del desarrollo de la Economía Social. La presente jornada pretende reunir a los Observatorios de Cooperativismo y Economía Social más destacados de ámbito estatal e internacional, a fin de intercambiar criterios y crear espacios comunes.

Congreso Internacional de las Cooperativas y acto de clausura

Congreso Internacional sobre el cooperativismo con presencia de ponentes internacionales y abierto a todos según inscripción. Al evento asistirá Pauline Green, Presidenta de la Alianza Cooperativa Internacional.

Jornada Asociación Internacional de Derecho Cooperativo

Jornada Asociación Internacional de Derecho Cooperativo: Publicación de la revista Boletín de la Asociación Internacional de Derecho Cooperativo, grabado conmemorativo del Año Internacional de las Cooperativas y presentación del libro de Javier Divar: “Las cooperativas, una alternativa económica”.

IYC Photography Competition & Exhibition

Calling ALL shutterbugs!

Do you have what it takes to capture co-operative values through the lens of a camera? It doesn’t matter if yours is a mobile phone camera or a state-of-the-art SLR! If your answer is YES, then join us in one of two competitive categories in SNCF’s Photography Competition & Exhibition from March to June 2012.

Details of the competition will be released in due course on www.singapore.2012.coop

International Year of Co-operatives Regional Conference

On 3 October 2012, co-operative and social enterprise leaders from around the region will descend upon Singapore to dialogue on ‘How Social Capital drives Profits, Growth and Sustainability’.

Learn from best-in-class speakers, including Professor Rosabeth M Kanter of the Harvard Business School, an esteemed global thought leader in the field of values-centered enterprise.

International Year of Co-operatives Stamp Series

The Singapore Co-operative Movement is going down in philatelic history! Come 2012, we will be releasing a series of postage stamps on the Co-operative Movement, in conjunction of the International Year of Co-operatives 2012.

Stick them on an envelope or postcard, or simply buy them as gifts or collector keepsakes! Commemorative First Day Covers can be purchased at its official launch at the IYC Co-op Movement Celebrations Event on 9 June 2012.

Visit www.singapore.2012.coop for more details in due course.


We’re having a carnival and loads of fun activities at Marina Barrage on 9 June 2012 to bring more than 10,000 co-operators and families together to demonstrate the potential impact of our Co-operative Movement!

Join us for an afternoon of meaningful programmes for children, young parents, and families.

We are gunning to rally more than 10,000 co-operators to come together, so sign up with your co-operatives today! Co-operators are encouraged to come and make a difference together as a Co-op Movement. Members of the public are most welcomed!

Launch of IYC Children's Storybook Series and Mobile Application

A very big storm is coming! The Squirrel family, Monkey family, Sparrow and Little Honey Bear are all worried. How are they going to stay nice and dry? Explore the forest and meet the cute and kind characters as they rally together to brave the storm in the spirit of ‘Co-operation’.

Proyecto: Estrategia Empresarial Cooperativa

El próximo 14 de Diciembre a partir de las 18:30

Nuestras experiencias vividas como actores del Desarrollo Regional nos permite ofrecerles:

Si comienzas a comprender que tienes que sacar las castañas del fuego por ti mismo porque ves que no te ofrecen empleo en ningún sitio, quieres comenzar una experiencia empresarial emprendedora, o simplemente buscas alternativa a la forma de negocios actual deshumanizada. Vamos a presentar una estrategia empresarial cooperativa que puede interesarte como persona asociada y/o empleada sea cual sea tu experiencia o sector.

Celebration of International Day of Human Solidarity

Solidarity is the value of a major humanitarian contribute in building a true citizenship and ensure the stability of communities and development of the concept of Fmaho
Solidarity? What are the principles underlying it? What forms of solidarity, nationally and internationally? From here, the idea of ​​the event after
Follow what is happening on the scene must be the Egyptian call for solidarity in the development.
• the concept of solidarity and its importance:


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