ICMIF/Americas Regional Annual Conference

The International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation/Regional Association for The Americas (ICMIF/Americas) and our hosts, Seguros Fedpa, are pleased to announce that the 21st ICMIF/Americas Annual Conference will take place from August 14-16, 2013 in Panama City, Panama. Register now for the premiere gathering of cooperative and mutual insurance industry in the Western Hemisphere!

Las mutuas de seguros superan el resto del sector de seguros

El sector de las mutuas y cooperativas de los Estados Unidos, el Reino Unido, Canadá y Europa superaron el resto del mercado de seguros, según los investigadores de la Federación de Cooperativas y Mutuales de Seguros (ICMIF).

Singapore co-operative named South East Asia's best brand

FairPrice NTUC, a Singaporean co-operative with 270 stores and 630,000 members, has been named the country’s best brand by Interbrand.

ILO Director-General backs co-operatives as alternative to austerity

Co-operatives can make a positive change to the economy, according to the Director General of the International Labour Organization.

Mutual insurers outpace wider insurance sector

The mutual and co-operative sectors in the USA, the UK, Canada and Europe are consistently and significantly outperforming the rest of the insurance market, according to researchers at the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF).

L'ICMIF aide à financer un assureur coopératif.

Un assureur coopératif du Paraguay qui soutient un grand nombre de coopératives a reçu une injection de capital de 300 000 dollars de la part de l'ICMIF, organisme sectoriel de l'ACI.

ICMIF ayuda a financiar a un asegurador cooperativo de Paraguay

Un asegurador cooperativo de Paraguay que apoya a un gran número de cooperativas ha recibido una inyección de capital de 300.000 dólares de la organización sectorial de la ACI, ICMIF.

La cooperativas financieras han demostrado tener mayor capacidad de resiliencia durante la crisis

In el contexto de la crisis económica global, las cooperativas financieras han demostrado que tienen una mayor capacidad de recuperación que otros bancos, según un informe publicado por la Organización Internacional del Trabajo (OIT).

Financial co-operatives prove resilience during crisis

In light of the global recession, financial co-operatives have proved to be more resilient than other banks, according to a report published by the International Labour Organization.

ICMIF helps to fund co-operative insurer

A co-operative insurer in Paraguay, which supports a large number of co-operatives, has received a capital injection of USD 300,000 from the ICA's sectoral body ICMIF.


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