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CCW Connection Newsletter - November 2012

Official Newsletter of Consumer Co-operatives Worldwide (CCW).


Money and Life: A Conversation whose time has come with filmmaker Katie Teague

We want to invite you not only to a very special movie screening of Money and Life, but also to become a part of a new, on-going local conversation about the future of money, exchange, and how we find the means to afford what we most value in life.

In your heart, you sense that we need a radically new conversation about money, don’t you? Come be part of something hugely important: a community gathering that not only shifts the conversation about money, but begins the work of how each of us, individually and as a connected community, can actually be part of the New Economy!

Rural Cooperation for the 21st Century: Unique Opportunities for Farm Families

There is growing demand for authentic family farm food with a ‘clean, green’ image. Farmers can avail of this market opportunity by selling their products directly to retailers and consumers and retaining a larger margin with higher profits. However a supportive and regulative framework is required to serve the needs and interests of both farmers and consumers and to achieve market success.

Food co-ops make a big difference in US communities

A recent study conducted by the National Cooperative Grocers Association in the US shows how food co-ops make a difference in their local communities. The report, “Healthy foods, Healthy communities,” looks at the social and economic impact of food co-ops in the US.

Co-con 2012

International conference on co-operative law

Back to the Co-op Future: Early Roots

On Sept 28, at 7pm at the Ypsilanti Senior Center, the Ypsilanti Food Coop will host the event "Back to the Co-op Future: Early Roots." We will show part of the new film "Food For Change," and talk about cooperatives' history as a business model in the USA and Europe. 


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