Applying Academic Knowledge to Serve the Social Economy Sector

The YSI Working Group on Cooperatives & Cooperation is delighted to launch its webinar series of 2018. The first webinar will be hosted by Paul Thompson (University of Saskatchewan) on:

Tuesday, 16 January 2018,  5 pm CEST / 9:30 pm IST

To access the webinar, please click here: 

How can scientific knowledge serve communities?

A silent transformation – a film about co-operatives

A new documentary tells the story of the co-operative enterprise model as an alternative to the capitalist economy. Created by Simon Brothers, Luke Mistruzzi, Anton Smolski, and Mark Preston, the A Silent Transformation focuses on the transformative power of the co-operative enterprise model across the Canadian province Ontario.

Call for papers for the 2018 Conference of the International Association for the Economics of Participation

The International Association for the Economics of Participation (IAFEP) is calling for papers for the 19th edition of its biannual conference. Next year’s conference takes place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 12-13 July.  

Call for contributors for vocabulary of Co-operative Key Words

The Co-operative College is compiling a list of key words of co-operation in a joint project with the Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU). These can be defined as words of particular significance in relation to a specific activity or discipline or which carry several senses.

Investigación cooperativa: tendencias principales y predicciones

¿Cuál es el futuro de la investigación cooperativa? Este fue uno de los temas principales discutidos en la Conferencia Mundial de Investigación sobre las Cooperativas de la Alianza Cooperativa Internacional. El evento se llevó a cabo en Stirling, Escocia en junio.

Un grupo de expertos que incluyeron miembros del Comité de Investigación Cooperativa (CCR) de la Alianza examinaron las tendencias actuales en la investigación cooperativa y las consecuencias potenciales.

The importance of research in co-operative policy

How can research help shape policy agendas? Can it help make the case for co-operatives in the economy?

Speaking at the global Co-operative Research Conference in Stirling, Charles Gould, director general of the International Co-operative Alliance, highlighted the importance of research on the Alliance’s agenda.

Co-operative practitioners in Scotland – what do they want from researchers?

How do practitioners in the co-operative sector use research? In a separate session at the Global Co-operative Research Conference in Stirling, Co-operative practitioners from Scotland shared some their main research areas.

Co-operative research: key trends and predictions

What is the future of co-operative research? This was one of the main topics explored at the International Co-operative Alliance’s Global Research Conference in Stirling, Scotland, in June. Featuring members of the Committee of Co-operative Research (CCR), an expert panel discussed current trends in co-operative research and looked at the potential implications.


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