Vdp MitUnternehmer - und Genossenschaftsverband e.V (vdp e.V.) from Germany

Vdp e.V. from Germany became a Member of the ICA on 23 September 2011. vdp e.V. was founded on 14 June 1991 and is the Organisation for German Partnerships, Joint Ventures & Co-operatives. Vdp.E.V.

Summit will look at the role of co-operatives in food security

With the world population due to reach nine billion by 2050, food security remains a major issue on the global agenda. The International Summit of Co-operatives will be looking at how co-operatives could help increase food security.

Co-operative Congress 2014

You can’t help but notice there has been dramatic change within the co-operative movement over the past year.

Récapitulatif de Cooperatives Europe

Cooperatives Europe a publié son manifeste coopératif à l'approche des élections du Parlement européen, qui se tiendront entre le 22 et le 25 mai.

Ce document est le résultat d'un processus de consultation approfondie mené par les membres de Cooperatives Europe.

Resumen de noticias de Cooperatives Europe

Cooperatives Europe ha publicado su manifiesto cooperativo antes de las elecciones del Parlamento Europeo que se llevarán a cabo del 22-25 de mayo.

Una empresa internacional de consultoría ha examinado los desafíos y oportunidades de los bancos cooperativos

Oliver Wyman, una empresa internacional de consultoría de negocios, ha publicado un nuevo informe sobre los bancos cooperativos, que subraya tanto los cambios a los cuales se enfrentan los bancos cooperativos en el mundo, como las oportunidades.

CECOP lanza un manifiesto para las elecciones de la Unión Europea

Las cooperativas activas en la industria y los servicios en Europa han publicado un manifiesto para las elecciones del Parlamento Europeo. En este manifiesto, CECOP, la Confederación Europea de Cooperativas de Producción y Trabajo Asociado, de Cooperativas Sociales y Empresas Sociales y Participativas fija las prioridades para la próxima legislatura.

La CECOP lance un manifeste pour les élections du Parlement européen

Les coopératives actives dans l'industrie et les services ont publié un manifeste pour les élections 2014 du Parlement européen. Dans ce manifeste, la CECOP, la Confédération européenne des coopératives et autres entreprises propriété de leurs travailleurs actives dans les secteurs de l’industrie et des services définit les priorités absolues pour la prochaine législature.

Cooperatives Europe round-up

Cooperatives Europe has released its co-operative manifesto in advance of the European Parliament elections to be held between 22-25 May.

This document is the result of an extensive consultation process by the members of Cooperatives Europe.

Co-operative Enterprise Law

Co-operative enterprise law is only rarely part of teaching curricula, even if around one billion members around the world are involved in this special form of enterprise with an economic and social impact to match. The repeated crisis resilience of co-operatives and the growing awareness that sustainable development issues must also be addressed by and through enterprises brings this shortcoming to light.


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