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Employee Ownership Australia Annual Conference

This is a PwC, Link Market Services and Moore Stephens sponsored event that will look at employee share ownership issues in Australia.

Speakers include:

•Sir Stuart Hampson (former Chair of John Lewis UK)
•Ann O'Connell (Melbourne University)
•Phil Turss, Brambles
•Michelle Kassis, PwC
•Shane Smiles, PwC
•Angela Perry, Link Market Services Limited
•Charlie Viola, Moore Stephens

Concred - 9th Brazilian Congress of Credit Cooperatives.

Central theme: Credit Cooperatives Build a Better World

Keynote speaker Monique Leroux, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Dejardins, will focus on Dynamics and Strategies. A panel will also discuss the credit co-operatives in Brazil and the role they have in building a better world. 

OCCUL Pacific Credit Union Technical Congress

The Pacific Congress brings together developed and developing financial co-operatives from the Pacific region, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Skills building seminars and workshops provide the means for the movement to develop and grow into the future, while participants enjoy the warm Fijian hospitality.

Held from the 23rd-26th October 2012, the event registration is now open at:

UN Economic and Social Council 2012 (ECOSOC)

The High-level Segment (HLS), held at the United Nations Office in New York from 2 to 9 July 2012, will focus on a broad range of issues relevant to the implementation of the UN development agenda. The theme for July 5th is the 2012 Development Cooperation Forum.

The Case for Gateway Co-operatives in Montenegro and the Balkans

Cooperatives Europe, COSV Montenegro, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Montenegro, and the Union of Cooperatives of Montenegro are hosting a multi-level Balkan Cooperative Conference – The Case for Gateway Cooperatives in Montenegro and the Balkans: Reflections and Discussions. This event serves as a culminating event for the European Union funded cooperative rehabilitation project that COSV, Cooperatives Europe with several member and partner organisations, as well as local stakeholders have been implementing in Montenegro since June 2011.

CoopEcon 2012: Building Democratic Ownership in the US South

This July 27-29 brings the second Southeast-wide gathering sponsored by the Southern Grassroots Economies Project. People from across the South who are determined to take control of their economic futures will convene in Epes, Alabama at the Rural Training Center of the Federation of Southern Cooperatives for CoopEcon 2012. Joining them will be co-op developers, business experts, and individuals engaged in building community-based enterprises who will share their skills and knowledge for two days in the heart of the South.

XXVII Jornades sobre Cooperativisme - El cooperativisme, una alternativa a la crisi”

Com cada any, la Fundació prepara, en el marc de la Universitat Catalana d’Estiu, les Jornades sobre Cooperativisme, que enguany, les XXVII , volen transmetre un missatge, ben clar, sobre què és el cooperativisme i visualitzar que el món cooperatiu és una eina útil i de futur per poder portar a terme projectes i treballs i fer-los realitat d’una manera econòmicament viable i socialment vàlida i justa.

Cumbre Internacional de Cooperativas 2012

La Cumbre Internacional de Cooperativas 2012 está diseñada para establecer una red mundial de toma de decisiones para discutir asuntos importantes e identificar iniciativas que aseguren el crecimiento, el reconocimiento y la prosperidad sostenible de las cooperativas.

La Cumbre es organizada por la ACI, Desjardins y la Universidad St Mary’s.

Sommet international des coopératives 2012

Le Sommet international des coopératives 2012 est conçu de manière à établir un réseau mondial de décideurs qui discuteront de questions importantes et définiront des initiatives qui assureront la croissance, la reconnaissance et la prospérité durable des coopératives.

L'ACI, Desjardins et l'Université Saint Mary’s sont les hôtes.

2012 International Summit of Cooperatives

The 2012 International Summit of Cooperatives is designed to establish a worldwide network of decision-makers to discuss important issues and identify initiatives that will ensure the growth, recognition and sustainable prosperity of co-operatives. The Summit is hosted by ICA, Desjardins and Saint Mary’s University.


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