Social Economy - Leituras & Debates - No. 12 (April 2021) | Special Edition - Bilingual PT/ENG

01 Apr 2021

CASES publishes the number 12 of the digital magazine on Social Economy – Leituras & Debates – special edition in Portuguese and English.

  • Volunteering Swedish support to the Portuguese cooperative movement after the Carnation Revolution (Jan Olsson)
  • 2021: An important year for the Social economy and the future of the Europe (Juan Antonio Pedreño)
  • Brazilian co-ops: Overcoming the pandemic (Márcio Lopes de Freitas)
  • The cultural heritage of the Portuguese Misericordias (Mariano Cabaço)
  • The Popular Associative Movement – Roots and future (Sérgio Pratas)
  • The diversity of social enterprises in Portugal: From institutional trajectories to organisational characteristics - ​Sílvia Ferreira
  • The case of a training programme for management and modernisation of Social Economy entities in times of pandemic (Formaes - Portugal) - Tiago Dias