NCHF Bulletin - February 2013

Newsletter: Vol. XXV No. 8 February, 2013


9th International Civil Engineering and Building Exhibition (CEBEX2013)

The exhibition is an annual event which 9th edition of it is going to be organized by Iran Central Chamber of cooperatives in Kish Island - Iran with an aim to assist cooperative development.
The exhibition is open to all sectors of economy including governmental, private and cooperative.
Kish is a southern Island of Iran with too many business and investment opportunities. Its vicinity to southern neighbors of Iran and open waters on one side and also Iranian Governmental trade and investment supports to the Island made it a free trade zone with good potentials.

13th International Building and Construction Exhibition

IranConfair, is the biggest annual exhibition in Iran and one of the biggest building and construction exhibition in the world which is open to all sectors of economy such as governmental, private and cooperative.
Over 1400 companies from 20 countries participate in the event in a net area of over 60000 M2.
The benefits of the exhibition is spent for national cooperative development by Iran Central Chamber of Cooperatives.
ICC has organized 7 editions of the exhibition from 2006 and is going to organize the 13th edition in July 2013 in Tehran.

Housing co-op workshop

'Living Together' gathering

A day of workshops & networking about and for intentional communities.

Provisional programme:

Money and Life: A Conversation whose time has come with filmmaker Katie Teague

We want to invite you not only to a very special movie screening of Money and Life, but also to become a part of a new, on-going local conversation about the future of money, exchange, and how we find the means to afford what we most value in life.

In your heart, you sense that we need a radically new conversation about money, don’t you? Come be part of something hugely important: a community gathering that not only shifts the conversation about money, but begins the work of how each of us, individually and as a connected community, can actually be part of the New Economy!

Co-con 2012


8th and 9th December 2012

The United Nations Organization has declared 2012 as the International year of Co-operatives. The theme of the year is ‘Co-operative Enterprises Build a Better World’. The United Nations Organization as well as International Co-operative Alliance and its members are celebrating the year by organizing various seminars, conferences, events, rallies, get-together of the activities in the co-operative movement.

Co-con 2012

International conference on co-operative law


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