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Cooperativa el Buen Samaritano Ltda. (EBS) from Bolivia

Cooperativa el Buen Samaritano Ltda (EBS) from Bolivia became a Member of the ICA on 27 October 2011. EBS was founded on 29 November 1965 and is national-level credit union. It has national coverage with a network of 27 offices in seven of the nine states. It is currently in the process of joining the field of supervision. It offers financial products in the credit market, deposits, and auxiliary financial services.

European co-operative banks in 2016: a concise assessment

European co-operative banks in 2016: a concise assessment by Professor Hans Groeneveld reports recent key financial metrics of this distinct category of financial institutions in European banking. Co-operative banks have specific features like member-based ownership and a business model focused on serving the real economy.


Los bancos cooperativos – de reconocimiento a los desafíos

La situación de los bancos cooperativos no había sido nunca tan favorable en términos de reconocimiento. En un informe de 2009, la Organización Internacional de Trabajo (OIT) subraya la resiliencia de los bancos cooperativos durante la crisis así como su estabilidad y aversión al riesgo (Birchall et Hetlison, 2009)[1].

De la reconnaissance aux défis des banques coopératives

La situation pour les coopératives semble n'avoir jamais été aussi prometteuse en termes de reconnaissance.

Un cabinet de conseil international examine les défis et opportunités pour les banques coopératives européennes

Oliver Wyman, cabinet de conseil international en gestion de premier plan, a publié un nouveau rapport sur les banques coopératives qui met en évidence les défis auxquels sont confrontées les banques coopératives à travers le monde ainsi que leurs opportunités pour l'avenir.

Co-operators discussed financial inclusion at SACCO Leaders Forum 2014

Chief executives and managers of African credit and saving co-operatives met in Zambia in March to discuss on various issues affecting credit unions at the 5thSaving and Credit Union (SACCO) Leaders Forum.


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