March eDigest - Connecting Girls Inspiring Futures

The March edition of the ICA's eDigest is out now. Read about the ICA's activity for International Women's Day, Dame Pauline Green's recent visit to Australia and find out about the ICA's Co-operative World Monitor, which will replace the Global300 report.

eDigest February 2012 - Co-operators outweigh shareholders 3-to-1

The February edition of the ICA's eDigest is out now, read about pending changes in US and UK co-operative legislation alongside the latest updates on the Desjardins Summit and ICA Expo taking place in October and November. Also see our official IYC merchandise.

eDigest - October 2011 - Delegates flock to Cancun General Assembly in record numbers

A record turnout is expected for the ICA’s General Assembly in Cancun, Mexico.

Gretchen Warner, ICA Director of Membership, says registrations to date indicate that there will be more than 2000 attendees at the meeting which runs between November 14 and 18.

Best business practice from the world’s biggest co-operatives will be on display during the third day of official proceedings.

eDigest - September 2011 - Co-op sector manages crisis better than its counterparts

Co-operative enterprises fare better than their conventional counterparts in the face of a continuing global financial crisis.

They also recovered more strongly than other businesses in 2010 as the effects of the crisis lessened, albeit temporarily in some regions.

eDigest - August 2011 - Co-operative movement fights Polish legislation

A push by a group of Parliamentary Deputies from the majority group in the Polish Government to weaken the country’s co-operative framework has been met with decisive action from the Polish co-operative movement supported by Dame Pauline Green, the ICA’s president, and Felice Scalvini, President of Co-operatives Europe. “If we want to maximise co-operative competitive potential and input to the European economy, the EU needs to ensure that its member states urgently ensure that its co-operative legislation is fit for purpose – that it is enabling and not prescriptive, that it encourag

eDigest - July 2011 - Obama campaigner and global change expert in Cancun

Two experts in driving change through the use of media are to give key speeches at the General Assembly in November. 

A key staffer of Barack Obama's when he was on the presidential campaign trail, Sam Graham-Felsen is to begin the conference with an opening address, while tailing the conference with closing remarks is Philippe Cousteau jnr, the adventurer and campaigner.

In a year when co-operatives need to take their message, their values, their successes to the world, these leaders in their field have got the tools and know how to use them. 

eDigest - June 2011 - Stronger, together – ICA members unite behind common message

"Together we can tell the whole world what we do," says ICA Board member, Anne Santamaki, of the opportunity unleashed by the UN International Year of Co-operatives. It's why her employer, SOK Corporation “ Finland's leading retailing co-operative with more than a 40 per cent share of the national market “ was the first to support the ICA's IYC 2012 global appeal fund.

IYC 2012 Co-ordinator Nicola Kelly says funds have begun to roll in for the appeal, which will enable the ICA to deliver the IYC campaign.

ICA eDigest - May 2011- Rifkin's warning: act now on grid 'or risk survival'

CO-OPERATIVES are an integral part of Jeremy Rifkin's strategy to revolutionise the energy market. According to Rifkin, a leading international economist, EU policy advisor and activist, taskforces must be set up urgently by co-operatives to establish a plan to implement his renewable energy regime.

"We need to see this moving very aggressively in the coming 12 to 24 months because we are running out of time," Rifkin said in an interview with the ICA Digest in April 2011. 

eDigest January 2012 - Happy International Year of Co-operatives

Read messages from the ICA Board and their beliefs and wishes for the Year.  Also in this issue find out about the Official IYC poster, your chance to win $USD 3000 in the Co-op'Art competition, see a great new film about the Rochdale Pioneers and enjoy Coop Group Chief Peter Marks sing for charity!  

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