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European Commission backs co-operatives for farmers

The European Commission is encouraging farmers to form themselves into co-operatives.

Reunión: Red Americana de Cooperativas Agropecuarias

La Coop Fédérée y la ACI-Américas le invitan a participar en la reunión de la Red Americana de Cooperativas Agrícolas en Lima, Perú, que tendrá lugar los días 20 y 21 de marzo 2013.

La législation vise à soutenir les coopératives du Pérou

Le groupe parlementaire nationaliste du Pérou a proposé une législation pour soutenir la durabilité des coopératives agricoles.

Los agricultores se afilian al Comité Internacional para promover las cooperativas

La Organización mundial de Agricultores (OMA) se ha afiliado a un comité internacional que promueve los intereses de las cooperativas.

Movement continues to be a part of the UN's International Year agenda

Following on from the International Year of Co-operatives, the United Nations has named 2013 as the International Year of Quinoa and the International Year of Water Co-operation.

Farmers join international committee to promote co-operatives

An international committee that promotes the interests of co-operatives has welcomed membership of the World Farmers’ Organisation.

Le BIT propose une « feuille de route des coopératives » pour l’Égypte

Le temps d'une journée, des hommes politiques, des universitaires, des journalistes et des coopérateurs ont participé à un atelier afin d'évaluer l'avenir du mouvement coopératif en Égypte.

Agricultural Cooperative Directors and Managers Training

Our Agricultural Cooperatives Directors and Managers Training series provides high-level education and excellent networking opportunities for cooperative board members and executives, and also incorporates sessions on introductory topics for new key employees and board members. We line up nationally renowned, well-experienced, expert presenters to deliver sessions that add measurable value for attendees. Attendees represent diverse agricultural cooperatives across the U.S., creating a meaningful forum for information exchange and professional relationships. 

Gender Equality - It's Smart and it's right

An Oxfam Online Discussion Essay on the Future of Agriculture

By Madiodio Niasse, Secretariat Director, International Land Coalition (ILC)

"While farming is increasingly reliant on women’s labour, women’s lack of secure land tenure severely limits their influence over farming decisions. Closing the gender gap in land rights would increase productivity and total output. And it would help women exercise their rights as citizens."

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