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National Federation of Rural Co-operatives (Induk KUD)

Induk KUD from Indonesia became an Associate Member of the ICA on 26 October 2011.

Induk KUD was founded on 12 November 1979 and serves as the national federation of rural co-operatives in Indonesia.

Induk KUD's mission is to help the co-operative movement expand joint business relationships, ensure creation and implementation of a business climate that supports co-operative survival and development, education and training, develop co-operative business, and improve the welfare of its members and as a result the community.

Summit will look at the role of co-operatives in food security

With the world population due to reach nine billion by 2050, food security remains a major issue on the global agenda. The International Summit of Co-operatives will be looking at how co-operatives could help increase food security.

Una empresa internacional de consultoría ha examinado los desafíos y oportunidades de los bancos cooperativos

Oliver Wyman, una empresa internacional de consultoría de negocios, ha publicado un nuevo informe sobre los bancos cooperativos, que subraya tanto los cambios a los cuales se enfrentan los bancos cooperativos en el mundo, como las oportunidades.

Un nouveau Projet de loi agricole pourrait contribuer au renforcement des coopératives agricoles aux États-Unis

Le Congrès américain a voté un Projet de loi agricole qui pourrait bien créer un environnement plus favorable aux coopératives agricoles. Énonçant la politique agricole des États-Unis pour les cinq prochaines années, ce Projet de loi a été voté tant par le Sénat (par 68 voix contre 32) que par la Chambre des représentants (par 251 voix contre 166).

Una nueva ley podría ayudar a fortalecer las cooperativas agrícolas en los Estados Unidos

El Congreso de los Estados Unidos ha aprobado un Proyecto de Ley Agrícola que podría crear un medio más favorable para las cooperativas agrícolas. El Proyecto, que fija la política agrícola de los Estados Unidos para los próximos años, fue aprobado por el Senado (con 32 votos de 68) y la Cámara de Representantes (166 de 251).

New Farm Bill could help strengthen agricultural co-ops in the US

The US Congress passed a Farm Bill that could create a more favourable environment for agricultural co-operatives. The Bill, which sets out US’ farm policy for the next five years, was passed by both the US Senate (by a 68-32 vote) and the House of Representatives (251-166).

The National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA) welcomed the passage of the Bill, which is likely to increase co-ordination between US Department of Agriculture (USDA), federal agencies and national and local co-operative organisations.

II. International Congress of Agriculture and Food

With growing economy, demands has became more than the world could cover and started to exceed the natural capacity of planet. While global economy has increasing 7 times in last 50 years, natural life system and habitat have remained principally same. As federation and congress, we wish to contribute to improving agricultural productivity and raising efficient usage of resources and assets.

It would be an honor for Organizing Committee to invite you to ‘’2nd International Congress of Agriculture and Food’’ to contribute the efforts for agricultural development.

Les coopératives entrent dans l’Année internationale de l’agriculture familiale

L’Alliance Coopérative Internationale et des coopératives agricoles des quatre coins du monde soutiennent l’Année internationale de l’agriculture familiale 2014 (AIAF).

L’année dernière, les Nations Unies ont lancé l’AIAF lors d’une cérémonie à laquelle l’Alliance Coopérative Internationale était également représentée. La campagne a pour but d’encourager des politiques actives, favorables au développement durable de l’agriculture familiale.


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