International Summit supports Young Scholars Program at Antalya research conference

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The International Summit of Cooperatives has announced that it will be a sponsor of the Young Scholars Program at the Co-operatives and the World of Work research conference in Antalya, Turkey.

The Summit, a biennial event which takes place in Quebec City, Canada, will provide travel subsidies for some of the participants in the program, which will take place on 8 November 2015, just prior to the full research conference.

The International Summit of Cooperatives is the world’s leading event for business development in the co-operative and mutual community. It offers managers, decision-makers, and leaders of co-operative and mutual enterprises a unique forum for reflection, discussion, co-operation, and training on major trends and their current and future issues, supported and enhanced by the attendance of internationally recognized experts. By demonstrating that co-operatives are one answer to the major economic issues of our times, the Summit aims to promote and foster the development of co-operative enterprises in all countries.

The first Summit was held in 2012 to coincide with the United Nations International Year of Co-operatives. A second Summit was held in October 2014 and the next Summit will take place on 11-13 October 2016.

Click here for the Young Scholars Program agenda.  More information on the Young Scholars Program will be available in the near future.

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