A silent transformation – a film about co-operatives

28 Sep 2017

A new documentary tells the story of the co-operative enterprise model as an alternative to the capitalist economy. Created by Simon Brothers, Luke Mistruzzi, Anton Smolski, and Mark Preston, the A Silent Transformation focuses on the transformative power of the co-operative enterprise model across the Canadian province Ontario.

“The primary task of A Silent Transformation was to explore the co-operative enterprise model and its transformative potential. But its deeper significance is in its attempt to sketch out, through process and narrative, the contours of a possible transition away from Capitalism to a system of economic democracy,” said the three filmmakers.

While making the film, the team worked as a collective sharing responsibilities rather than using traditional hierarchies and determine roles common to film production.


The project was funded by various stakeholders, from individuals to co-operative businesses.

The film’s premier took place on 8-9 June at Aron Theater Co-op, Campbellford, Ontario, with another screening taking place on 21-23 June at the International Co-operative Alliance’s Global Co-operative Research Conference in Stirling, UK.

For more intofrmation contact: cooperative@powerlinefilms.com

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