Call for contributors for vocabulary of Co-operative Key Words

8 Aug 2017

The Co-operative College is compiling a list of key words of co-operation in a joint project with the Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU). These can be defined as words of particular significance in relation to a specific activity or discipline or which carry several senses.

The College and MMU want the Co-operative Key Words to be the product of co-operative research and are inviting entries for the words they have identified.

The list of key words will be available online. A hardcopy version will also be published, which will include longer entries for the terms. Any royalties from the sale of the book will be given to the Co-operative College. 

Those interested in writing an entry for one or more of those already listed can contact Keith Crome ( or Patrick O’Connor (, identifying the word (or words) for which they would be able to provide a definition. The two organisations have published a list of key words as well as an example entry.



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