23 April 2012
CSS Limited from Ireland became a Member of the ICA on 4 April 2012.
22 April 2012
Les partis écologiques du monde entier soutiennent les coopératives ; c'est maintenant à vous d'aider l’ACI à colporter et amplifier le message du mouvement, en rejoignant le groupe près de chez vous.
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22 April 2012
Los partidos ecologistas de todo el mundo apoyan las cooperativas; ayuda ahora a la ACI a difundir el mensaje del movimiento poniéndote en contacto con tu grupo local.
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20 April 2012
Green parties around the world are backing co-operatives; now help the ICA spread the movement’s message by connecting with your local group.
4 April 2012
The world’s largest co-operatives were today (4 April) urged to back an international development scheme that will ensure a legacy remains from the United Nations’ (UN) International Year of Co-operatives 2012.
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