4 May 2012
Individuals to share stories of Co-ops strengthening local communities during White House community Leaders Briefing
30 April 2012
For World Fair Trade Day, the ICA is encouraging co-operatives to show how the movement builds a better world for Fairtrade farmers.
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30 April 2012
El Presidente de Vivienda de la ACI, David Rodgers , ha anunciado su retiro de la organización sectorial a finales de su mandato en 2013.
30 April 2012
Pour la Journée Mondiale du Commerce Équitable, l'ACI encourage les coopératives à démontrer en quoi le mouvement contribue à construire un monde meilleur pour les agriculteurs du commerce équitable.
30 April 2012
Exactly one year after the United Nations’ official launch event in New York, the birthplace of the modern co-operative movement will play host to the global culmination event for the International Year of Co-operatives.


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