20 March 2014
Over 150 co-operators, economists and academics will be speaking at this year’s International Summit of Cooperatives. The second edition of the Summit takes place in Quebec on 6-9 October and features speakers from across different sectors.
20 March 2014
A uniform set of national laws for co-operatives that is being progressively introduced across Australia could help strengthen the co-operative sector.
20 March 2014
Co-operatives active in industry and services across Europe published a manifesto for the 2014 European Parliament elections. In this manifesto, CECOP, the European Confederation of co-operatives and worker-owned enterprises active in industry and services, sets out the top priorities for the next legislature.
7 March 2014
MEDIA RELEASEInternational Women’s Day
4 March 2014
La Co-operative Bank du Kenya a augmenté ses bourses d'études secondaires pour les enfants brillants mais financièrement défavorisés dans l'ensemble pays.


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